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Osteospermum Plants

You may know the Osteospermum plant as an African Daisy, the same as with other daisy-like plants from Africa. In order to differentiate slightly, the osteospermum is also called the South African Daisy, Cape Daisy or Blue-Eyed Daisy. Their vibrant coloring and distinctive eyes, as well as their sun-loving attitudes and heat and drought resistance, are what encourage gardeners to plant a wide variety of colors.

Osteospermum, pronounced oss-tee-oh-SPUR-mum, plants will fill your hanging baskets and planters with beautiful blooms from early spring to fall, being just as long-blooming in prepared flower beds. They prefer to be kept moist and well-fed; therefore, we recommend using Espoma Flower-tone. You will also find that the more blooms you cut, the more new buds and blooms you’ll have. Keep your vases handy!

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