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Cajun Hibiscus Plants

Over 200 different species of Hibiscus, pronounced hi-biscus, exist and go by many botanical classifications, as well as having numerous uses, such as for teas and herbal remedies. You might have heard Hibiscus referred to as sorrel, red-sorrel and Jamaica sorrel, but more commonly it is known as Cajun Hibiscus, Tropical Hibiscus or Chinese Hibiscus. These are the Hibiscus that are of the tropical variety and that grow abundantly in warm, moist climates like Florida and Hawaii.

That being said, almost anyone can grow hibiscus. It is important to note that they flower best in temperatures between 60°F and 90°F and cannot tolerate temperatures below 32°F. Anyone that has frost in the fall and winter will do best to plant their Cajun Hibiscus in pots that can be moved inside or into a greenhouse in the winter. The beauty, fragrance and enjoyment you will get from raising these remarkable flowers, both outside and indoors, is well-worth the little bit of extra effort that goes into them. When in the pot, Hibiscus prefer good drainage and like being slightly pot-bound. If you find that pampering these plants is not your thing, then you also might consider the Hardy Variety of Hibiscus, a perennial. This variety doesn’t have the same striking color combinations but are just as fragrant and attractive.

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