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Actaea Plants

Actaea Plants are a clumping perennial reaching 2 to 3-feet tall and displaying spiky, cream-colored, sometimes blushing pink, flower spires, or racemes, that add another 2-3-feet to the total height of the plant. Some varieties follow their blooming season with brilliant white berries on berry-red stalks. The berries and accompanying vivid stems are extremely showy, providing wonderful fall interest.

Actaea, pronounced ak-TAY-ah, is also called baneberry or bugbane and was formerly known as Cimicifuga (sye-mih-SIFF-you-guh). It prefers rich, humusy soil that is kept consistently moist, except while dormant, when it prefers to be slightly dry. Actaea will also perform best in part to full shade; if grown in a cool climate, they will tolerate some sun, but you may see them wilt if the days get too warm. Only morning sun would be recommended in that situation. Planting in groupings, small or large, will give the best overall effect as the crowns multiply somewhat slowly.

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