Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier

SKU: TC-CTE300000625
The Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier is a safe, effective, chemically-free means by which to protect your trees from those insects, such as gypsy moth caterpillars, cankerworms, ants, climbing cutworms and many others that must reach the tops of trees in order to mate and deposit eggs or for those insects that just climb to feed on buds, leaves and fruit, resulting in substantial damage and possibly the total devastation of the tree. No pesticides or chemicals are involved. Insects simply become trapped as they attempt to cross the sticky material, protecting your valuable trees and reducing future populations of these damaging pests. Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier is available in a 15-oz. tub. More details...
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Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier
Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier
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Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier

The Tanglefoot Company is celebrating 125 years of Adhesive Pest Management, the discovery of which started with the invention of adhesive fly paper and has evolved to cover a wide array of adhesive pest management products, all chemical free and all safe for the environment.

Larger sizes of Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier are available upon request. Just click here to send an email.

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"Ants eating my trees"

Dorothy J on 1/25/2013 9:10:57 AM

Comment: I tried this product and it actually keeps the bugs from eating my tree. It stops them before they can climb up. I highly recommend Tanglefoot Pest Barrier. It came within a day or so after I ordered it and I love the product.