Vinca Vine Plants

Vinca Vine Plants, more commonly called Periwinkle, is a fast growing vine that is heat and drought tolerant. It is perfect for growing in hot, dry areas, is easy to grow and requires little or no attention, except for regular watering. A soaker hose on a timer makes the periwinkle almost completely care-free.

Vinca Plants, pronounced VINK-uh, are grown both for their attractive and widely variable foliage as well as for the dainty flowers. Vinca is commonly used for hanging baskets, borders, edging and groundcover.

All of our Vinca Vine Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule.

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High Color Vinca Vine Plant

Price $5.90

Our 'High Color' Vinca Vine Plant is also sometimes known as Expoflora Vinca Vine and remains one of the most popular creeping Periwinkles. The growth is full, with each spring-green leaf decorated with an irregular margin of creamy white. The periwinkle-blue blossoms are shown off to perfection against this variegated background! Our coastal growers appreciate its exceptional salt tolerance, planting it atop retaining seawalls with great success. Each 3-inch pot contains one High Color Vinca Vine Plant.

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Maculata Vinca Vine Plant

Price $5.90

The 'Maculata' Vinca Vine Plant, also called Surrey Marble, has golden-green centered blossoms that gradually fade to lime-green surrounded by lavender-blue petals. Maturity or sun exposure will result in the pretties pastel lavender. The dark, sage-green foliage on this periwinkle is sparsely variegated in shades of pale green to creamy white and has a trailing habit that makes it great as a filler in hanging baskets or as an interesting flowering ground cover, even in coastal areas where its exceptional salt tolerance is greatly appreciated. Each 3-inch pot contains one Maculata Vinca Vine Plant.