Swedish Peanut Potatoes

Our Swedish Peanut potatoes are a hard-to-come-by, heirloom variety with small, tear-drop shaped tubers, tender, yellowy-tan, flavorful skins and creamy, buttery-flavored flesh. A.K.A. Swedish Peanut Fingerling, Almond Fingerling or Mandelpotatis Fingerling seed potatoes, they are prized for their heavy production and versatile nature; they are just as good fried, roasted, boiled or baked.

The Swedish Peanut Fingerling seed potato matures in 105-135 days.

  • Plant in full sun.
  • 12-18” apart.
  • Resistant to many common potato diseases.

All of our organic Swedish Peanut seed potatoes for sale are guaranteed to arrive in great condition!

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Organic Swedish Peanut Fingerling Seed Potatoes—1-lb

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Organic Swedish Peanut Fingerling Seed Potatoes. Our Swedish Peanut Fingerling Seed Potatoes are certified organic and blue tag certified. You can expect the 5-pound bag of Swedish Peanut Fingerling potatoes to make enough seed potatoes to fill a row 10-foot long. Sold Out for the Season.