Spray Away Water Repellent by Havahart®

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The Spray Away Repellent by Havahart® is a harmless way of deterring birds and animals from yards and gardens, by simply using water! More details...
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Spray Away Water Repellent by Havahart®
Spray Away Water Repellent by Havahart®
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Product Details

Spray Away works by detecting an animal or bird with infra-red sensors. Once detected, the electronic valve releases a 3 second burst of water from an attached garden hose. Water spray is broadcasted up to 35 feet to protect a 1,000 square-foot area. Each short burst is made of 2-3 cups of water per motion activation.

Adjustable sensitivity detector and random spray pattern prevent animals from growing accustomed to the sprayer. The animal repellent's unpleasant experience is associated with the location, conditioning the animal to avoid the area. The sudden noise, motion and water spray will not harm animals.

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