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Price $7.90
Our all-natural Marinated Mushrooms are whole mushrooms that are marinated in a zesty mix of spices and finished with just the right touch of garlic. They can be served with garden salads, on pasta, or chilled and eaten fresh out of the jar.
Price $56.00
Our elegant Achla® Designs Verdant Ceramic Shell Bird Bath with Stand is glazed in rich leafy-green. It will not only compliment your garden, but will entice your favorite songbirds, either for a sip or a dip. The glazed, powder-coated bowl is decorated with a bird perched on the edge of a scalloped, shell-shaped basin. The bowl is the perfect size for holding seed, as well as for providing bathing facilities for your avian guests.
Price $5.50
Light Red Kidney Soup Bean is an early producer, has a pleasantly mild flavor and is extremely versatile in the kitchen, this soup bean widely used for chili, bean salads, soups and stews. When used in recipes, their thin skins easily take on the essence of the recipe while providing a chunky though silky smooth texture. The light red kidney bean is popular for use in Mexican cuisine and is known to be easy to grow, adapting to many growing regions, even tolerating cool, wet climates. Approximately 350 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
Price $2.75
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce has been an old favorite in home gardens for more than 100 years, both because of its flavor and because of its early harvest date. You'll be harvesting full sized leaves in a little over a month, and greens can be harvested in just three weeks. The brilliantly-colored ice green leaves are large, loosely packed and curly with a crisp, sweet, tender taste. The inner leaves blanch almost white, making this a nice variety to add interest to salads. Black Seeded Simpson is more heat tolerant than many varieties and also withstands drought and light frost. Approximately 1500 organic seeds per packet.
Price $2.93
Super Marmande Tomato produces a tomato with a very rich, sweet flavor, and firm flesh that contains very few seeds. A prolific bearer, the tomatoes are large, slightly flattened, gently lobed and exceptionally meaty. The shape has been described as “cushion-shaped” and when perfectly ripe, Super Marmande has just a touch of pink on its shoulders. A super sweet and super juicy tomato! 70 days to harvest. Approximately 60 organic seeds per packet.
Price $4.00
Keeping the flowering plants in your baskets and containers well supplied with nutrients can’t get any easier than using Jobe’s® Potted Plant & Hanging Basket Fertilizer Spikes! Each fertilizer spike is formulated specifically to provide a slow release of nutrients that encourages healthy, vigorous growth for your flowering plants. Each spike last 8 weeks. Guaranteed Analysis: 8-9-12
Price $119.55
The wooden-handled EarthWay® High Wheel 6500W Cultivator is the ideal garden tool for those lighter jobs that don’t require hauling out a cumbersome and noisy electric or gas-powered roto-tiller. After the major tilling or plowing is done, keep this cultivator handy for hilling, furrowing and cultivating. Equipped with 3 included tool attachments, this cultivator does it all! The large 24-inch wheel makes pushing the cultivator through deep soil and rough terrain than smaller-wheeled or manual models. It has 3 height adjustments for hours of comfortable use and its convenient size stores easily in a garden shed, close at hand. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and it has a 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty!
Price $29.99
The Plant Light Intensity Meter is a pocket-sized, portable, light-sensitive instrument capable of reading illuminance, luminance, reflectance, and transmittance up to 10,000 footcandles (lumens per square foot). It is designed specifically for the measurement of light energy that directly affects plant growth, development, and seed germination. Sensor is on a 2.5 foot cord. Instructions included. No batteries need.
Price $46.49
With the Canadian goose population at an estimated six million and expected to double every five years, they are quickly becoming a major nuisance to many home-owners, businesses and farmers. The droppings from Geese, Ducks and Turkeys are unhealthy and unsightly. Golf courses, airports and recreation areas have been trying all sorts of solutions, like horns, cannons, barking dogs and strobe lights, with little or no results. The geese become accustomed to the noise or lights, while neighbors are just plain annoyed. The Liquid Fence Goose Repellent works in all four seasons and has proven to be a very effective deterrent. How does it work? Simply put, the all natural ingredients, when sprayed on the food supply, make it very unappetizing, forcing them to go elsewhere for their next meal. Liquid Fence Goose Repellent will not harm animals or plants when used as directed. Covers 4000 sq ft.
Price $21.95
The Attack Wave Pestrepellerâ„¢ is an effective, user friendly and environmentally safe way to combat mice and other rodents. The device produces strong sound pressure in the air, attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents causing them to abandon their food sources and shelters.
Price $32.99
The Super Sonic Molechaser® eliminates your common burrowing rodent problem quickly and humanely without affecting your pets or disturbing your land’s appearance. It works by emitting a powerful signal that irritates moles and drives them away. Each unit covers 11,000 square feet.