Sheep Fescue Grass Seed

sheep fescue grass seed for saleSheep Fescue VNS Seed is a dense bunchgrass most often used to control erosion, being planted on slopes and on rocky inclines and pastures, usually as a mix when being planted as a forage grass. Considered a “native” grass of North America, Sheep Fescue is therefore naturally disease and pest resistant, and easily established. Sheep Fescue has been adapted for use as lawn turf, especially on hills and in rocky soil and is also used as a wildlife and livestock forage. Due to its “native” nature, Sheep Fescue VNS can survive without high maintenance, such as irrigation, fertilization and the use of insecticides, and is also winter-hardy and drought tolerant.

An added bonus is that Sheep Fesuce VNS seed has an extended shelf life when stored in a cool and dry environment, enabling you to stock up now against the possibly higher prices in the next few years to come. Naturalizing difficult areas? Plant Sheep Fescue with native wildflowers, a beautiful, natural combination.

The recommended seeding rate for Sheep Fescue VNS Seed is 30 to 50 pounds per acre if planted alone; mixed with other grasses or legumes at a seeding rate of 10 to 15 pounds per acre.

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Qty Description Price
The 5-lb bag of Sheep Fescue Grass Seed will plant approximately .1 to.16 acre when planted alone or approximately 1/2 to 1/3 acre when planted as a mix.
The 50-lb bag of Sheep Fescue Grass Seed will plant approximately 1 to 1.6 acres when planted alone or approximately 3.3 to 5 acres when planted as a mix.