Season Starter Plant Protector - 3 Pack

Season Starter plant protectors works by holding a wall of water around plants, which absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night, protecting your plants down to 16°F. This is a 3-pack. More details...
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Season Starter Plant Protector - 3 Pack
Season Starter Plant Protector - 3 Pack
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Product Details

Season Starter Plant Protector Details

The Season Starter is a self-standing wall of water which allows you to start your cold-sensitive vine crops a full 6 weeks earlier. It performs an important double function: protecting vegetable plants from cold by night and shielding them from excess heat by day. How it works is fascinating! During daytime hours, the wall of water inside the Season Starter absorbs heat. As the atmosphere cools down in the evening, the Season Starter slowly releases the accumulated heat (as much as 900,000 calories' worth!), which keeps the vegetable plants warm at night. Should the weather drop to freezing temperatures, the wall of water inside the Season Starter becomes even more effective. Acting as an igloo around the plant, the frozen Season Starter releases even more heat, which protects the plants down to 16°F and even melts snow.

How to use the Season Starter Plant Protector:

  • Use an empty 5-gallon bucket as a frame to set up the empty Season Starter, and then simply fill the tubes with water.
  • Only fill each tube two-thirds full. Then remove the bucket, and the Season Starter will form a cone shape
  • After transplanting, leave the Season Starter in the cone configuration as long as possible. Once you open it all the way, heat will escape—and your plant wants the heat, so it's best to keep it closed.
  • Don't expect a lot of top growth initially. The roots will develop first to provide a solid foundation for the plant.
  • After a while, your plant will grow and start pushing the Season Starter open at the top. At this time, finish filling each tube with water. The plant itself will now trap the heat inside. At no time do you need to worry about overheating. When the outside temperatures get too hot, the Season Starter will help cool the plant.
  • After the tubes have been filled with water, you may leave the Season Starter on the plant until your harvest is complete, or you can remove it when the temps stay warm.
  • Each Season Starter mesures 17" wide x 18" high

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Denese on 6/29/2011 6:47:27 AM

Comment: I was a bit leary, however these season starter plant protectors worked fantastic. We have had a very cold spring and summer, however my tomato plants are huge and full of flowers. My pepper actually have peppers on them, normally it is to cold for the peppers to set the first time around. Will leave the on all season, look forward to lots of veggies.