Garden Hoes

We carry Rogue Garden Hoes because we consider them among the best on the market. Additionally, every Rogue garden hoe is made using recycled, hardened steel, agricultural disc blades, which means that Rogue Prohoe Manufacturing cares about the environment. These hoes will stay sharp; the tempered steel of these ag disc blades is simply the best material for the job.

A family-owned business started in 1990, their first Rogue garden hoes were produced out of a vacant chicken house on their farm in Munden, Kansas. Now, they have a much larger operation but they still remain true to their roots and the original means of manufacturing. All implements made by Rogue Prohoe are hand-crafted. All of the grinding, welding and sharpening are done by hand with a critical eye to quality. Each Rogue garden hoe is attached to a northern white ash handle with both a pressure fit and epoxy bond.

Rogue hoes are the strongest hoes made in the USA! When you get tired of working your old, worn-out hoe, get a Rogue PROHOE Garden Hoe!

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Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe 00G

Price $32.00

The 00G Rogue Triangle Garden Hoe, like every Rogue Garden Hoe, was designed based upon real customer specifications. The triangular hoe head is only approximately 3.5 inches wide at it's widest point and is hand-sharpened on three sides making it ideal for getting into those tight spots and for making neat, uniform, seed or transplant rows. This Rogue triangle hoe has a 60-inch northern white ash handle that is both epoxy and pressure bonded, making it superior in strength and longevity.

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Rogue Garden Hoe 40G

Price $32.00

The Rogue Garden Hoe 40G has a 4-inch head that is hand-sharpened on three sides, enabling you to turn it sideways to perform like a triangular hoe. Of course, if you have more than one person working the garden, one can be softening and turning the soil with this particular Rogue garden hoe while another uses a different Rogue hoe, like the triangle hoe, to make the seed rows. Each person will also normally have a personal preference of what implement to use, so having a variety of Rogue hoes on hand ensures the perfect tool to get any job done and the right tool to fit the person doing the job! The handle on this garden hoe is 60-inches long.

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Rogue Garden Hoe 575G

Price $29.00

The Rogue Garden Hoe 575G has a 5.5-inch head, wider for making quick work of the broader areas between garden rows. As are all Rogue garden hoes, the head on this one is hand-sharpened on three sides so as to allow the most flexibility and productive use of your time when working the soil. The 54-inch white ash handle is both epoxy and pressure-bonded to the garden hoe blade, ensuring a tight and secure fit; just one of many quality details of the Rogue hoe line that has us convinced that they are the best hoe for the money.

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Rogue Garden Hoe 60G

Price $30.00

Often called the onion hoe or finger hoe, the Rogue Garden Hoe 60G has a 6-inch wide head, but is only 1 1/2-inches on each end, and has a 54-inch long handle. Hand-sharpened on all three sides, you can use the wide side for making quick work between the rows, or use the narrow sides for those weeding jobs next to tender seedlings or plants. The swan neck that is present on all Rogue hoes gives you precision control. We are willing to bet that once you own a Rogue garden hoe, you won’t pick up another brand.

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Rogue Scuffle Hoe 60S

Price $31.00

Used for both pushing and for pulling the Rogue Scuffle Hoe 60S has it all going on! In fact, one customer claims that he can “out-weed a tiller” with this scuffle hoe. With a 60-inch long handle for better control, without the back-breaking bending, the head is hand-honed, on each side, to a superior, beveled, sharp edge to make short work of weeding your garden. If you have never tried a Rogue scuffle hoe, now is the time!

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Rogue Heavy Duty Garden Hoe 70G

Price $32.00

This is the Rogue Hoe that started it all; the 70G Rogue Heavy Duty Gardening Hoe is the original design based solely on a gardener’s requirement for a heavy duty hoe that was needed for practical, every day use. The head of the hoe is fully 7-inches wide and is hand-sharpened on three sides to allow you the flexibility to use it easily between rows and even between closely-spaced individual plants. The 1 3/8-inch X 60-inch handle also helps to make this heavy duty garden hoe work for you; fitting better in the hand, and therefore allowing for the optimal grip and less fatigue when tackling any garden job, but especially those really big jobs.

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Rogue Scraper Hoe 70SC

Price $24.50

With the Rogue Scraper Hoe 70SC, you’ll never find a better Scraper Hoe. This 7-inch scraper is made of recycled high grade steel and is sold sharp for the toughest jobs. It has proven itself at carwashes, schools, churches, businesses, as well as private sidewalks and driveways. The handle is 1-1/4" wide and 54" long.

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Rogue Scuffle Hoe 80S

Price $32.00

With the hoe blade mounted to easily accommodate both pushing and pulling motions this Rogue Scuffle Hoe 80S has an 8-inch wide triangle-shaped and slightly curved blade that is perfect for the gardener who has a lot of ground to cover. In fact, orchard owners prefer this Rogue scuffle hoe over most other designs. With the curved sides measuring 5.5-inches and a 60-inch handle, you can dig both deep and wide with this hand-honed Rogue scuffle hoe.

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Rogue Short Handled Triangle Hoe H00G

Price $25.00

Rogue Short Handled Triangle Hoe H00G Hand-crafted with quality being the number one goal, Rogue Garden Hoes are often passed down through generations. You can’t go wrong with a Rogue!

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Rogue Short Handled Garden Hoe H40G

Price $25.00

Sometimes shorter is better, which just might be the case with the Rogue Short Handled Garden Hoe H40G. If you are working in raised beds, a cold frame, or inside a green house, you might find that working in tighter quarters means that you have to get closer to your work. The short handled, 12-inches, garden hoe by Rogue allows you to do just that. Manufactured with the same attention to detail and all of the specifications of the 40G garden hoe, this short handled Rogue garden hoe makes hard work in close quarters so much easier.

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Rogue Short Handled Garden Hoe H575G

Price $25.00

Designed with the same uses in mind, but with a much shorter handle, the Rogue Short Handled Garden Hoe H575G does everything the “big guy” does, but allows you to get more “up close and personal” with the work you have to do. Some people just prefer to get down and dirty in the garden and this 12-inch short handled garden hoe is designed with you in mind. When kneeling, a shorter handle just gives you more leverage, which equates to more muscle, especially when it comes to moving dirt or cutting weeds.

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Rogue Short Handled Garden Hoe H60G

Price $25.00

Short handled implements are so much easier to use if you use a garden caddy or stool to sit upon while taking care of your gardening chores. And sometimes it just feels good to sit in the warm soil while tending your garden. Whatever your reasons, it’s always wise to have a choice of short handled garden hoes, as well as the full-sized versions. With all the same quality attributes, the Rogue short-handled hoes feature a 12-inch handle for those times when only a short handled hoe makes sense.