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Rapitest Soil Test Kit, Model 1601

Rapitest Soil Test Kit, Model 1601
Rapitest Soil Test Kit, Model 1601
SKU: GT-ST-1601-LL
Discontinued The rapitest® 1601 Soil Test Kit is an innovative and inexpensive way to test the levels of pH, N, P, K in your garden soil. Kit includes: 4 color comparators, 40 test capsules, 10 each for pH, N, P and K, complete instructions for adjusting soil pH, fertilization guidelines and pH preferences list for over 450 plants for the home, yard and garden.
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Understanding the NPK levels of your soil in important when deciding how much plant food and supplements you should be using. This will save you from over applying, which will save you money.

N is Nitrogen, P is Phosphorous, and K is Potassium. Nitrogen helps plants develop healthy foliage and grow strong, Phosphorous helps plants develop healthy roots, and Potash helps the overall health of the plant. Espoma’s Organic Traditions™ are great supplements for adjusting the NPK levels of your garden soil.

No experience is required to operate the #1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit, is simple, fast, and an accurate kit.

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Test Kit

"Test Kit"

Dr Shannon S on 4/12/2013 5:04:12 PM

Comment: This soil test kit is very easy to use. Big help in determining proper fertilizer ratios.

I'm thrilled!

"I'm thrilled!"

Debi L on 9/6/2012 4:07:11 PM

Comment: I can't believe how fast my package arrived on my front porch. Also, how reasonable your prices are!!! I'm hooked on Garden Harvest!!!