Sedum Plants

Sedum Plants are ideal perennials for spaces with infrequent watering. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers and the winter seed heads attract finches and chickadees. Sedums are often used in place of shrubs due to their upright, compact, mounding habit with humongous flower heads that fully cover the top two thirds of the plant.

Sedum, pronounced SEE-dum, also commonly called Stonecrop, are characterized by their fleshy, succulent leaves which they use to store the water they need to grow. They are very well adapted to thrive with almost no additional water, making them great plants for xeriscaping. They are not susceptible to diseases and few pests pay attention to them; however, deer love them. Division will be needed every few years to keep the plant vigorous.

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Angelina Sedum Plant

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The 'Angelina' Sedum plant has a trailing habit that tends to gracefully cascade when planted in a container. This sedum makes an excellent ground cover, especially in areas that are hard to water, as well as in salty, seaside climates. The needle-shaped, succulent leaves appear as a vivid green and brilliant yellow interspersed all on the same plant. The effect is quite striking. The flower clusters are also sunny yellow, the whole plant becoming tipped with orange in the fall. Angelina must have been someone quite special, as this Stonecrop certainly is! Each 3-inch pot contains one Angelina Sedum plant.

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Autumn Joy Sedum Plant

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The 'Autumn Joy' Sedum Plant is so-named because as the season progresses, its flowers change from the creamy ivory they emerge as, morphing through shades of pink, deep rose, russet and finally to a wonderful coppery-bronze before the flowers drop and the seed heads appear as dark mahogany. This Stonecrop provides a dramatic display regardless of the season and irregardless of the soil; it's very salt tolerant too! Each 3-inch pot contains one Autumn Joy Sedum plant.

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Brilliant Sedum Plant

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The 'Brilliant' Sedum Plant is an upright clump-forming, salt tolerant perennial that sports oval, fleshy, succulent leaves edged with creamy white; they catch the sun and seem to look like the silver lining that clouds can have. An Award of Garden Merit (AGM) selection, awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this Stonecrop's buds first appear green and somewhat broccoli-like, but then open to the most amazing, brilliant, mauvy-pink, deepening to russet-red, before giving way to the richly-colored seed heads that songbirds just can't get enough of. Each 3-inch pot contains one Brilliant Sedum plant.

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Autumn Charm Sedum Plant

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The 'Autumn Charm™' Sedum Plant is an offspring of the top-selling 'Autumn Joy' Sedum discovered by Intrinsic Perennial Gardens. This Stonecrop is incredibly stable, salt tolerant and showy with its grayish-green leaves emerging almost completely buttery yellow and then maturing with undefined margins. Creamy buds make their appearance first, held on short panicles above the foliage, and then open to light lavender-pink flowers heads. The seed heads are russet red, providing fantastic fall and winter color. Each 3-inch pot contains one Autumn Charm Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Blue Spruce Sedum Plant

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Our 'Blue Spruce' Sedum Plant is a drought tolerant, spreading groundcover and pot filler, its Colorado blue spruce coloration and pine-like needles well deserving of the name blue spruce. Add the yellow, star-shaped blossoms rising on stems 2 or 3 inches above this blue carpet, and you have the makings for an extraordinary looking border or flowering ground cover. Once established, this low maintenance,salt tolerant, uniquely colored Stonecrop will remain beautiful for years. Even the deer will steer clear of this one! Each 3-inch pot contains one Blue Spruce Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Chocolate Ball Sedum Plant

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The 'Chocolate Ball' Sedum Plant can sometimes be the color of moist mulch, so plant this one on lighter colored backgrounds for the most eye-catching effect. We suggest using this Stonecrop cultivar as a border along a grassy area or along a river-rock border or in a light pebble rock garden; its salt tolerance makes it ideal for beachy gardens too. Ranging in color from milk-chocolate brown in the spring to dazzling red in the fall, this sedum looks gorgeous all year round. Each 3-inch pot contains one Chocolate Ball Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Dragon's Blood Sedum Plant

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The 'Dragon's Blood' Sedum Plant is a fast-growing Stonecrop specimen most often used as a ground cover, though sometimes grown in containers and allowed to cascade. Its salt tolerant nature means our coastal gardeners can enjoy it as well. Bearing brilliant red flowers at the height of its season, the true spectacle happens in the fall when the foliage turns vibrant orangey-red creating a fiery display that will have the neighbors "ooooing" and "aaaaahing" over the colorful exhibit. Each 3-inch pot contains one Dragon's Blood Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Kamtschaticum Variegated Sedum Plant

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The 'Kamtschaticum (pronounced kam-SHAT-tih-kum) Variegated' Sedum Plant grows a little more compact than the more common of this species, but makes up in individuality what it may lack in size and is just as salt-tolerant as its larger relatives. The silvery-green leaves have a creamy white margin that catches your attention right away. Then, deeply pink buds appear, tricking you into believing that pink flowers are sure to follow—but when they burst forth, they are bright canary yellow! This Stonecrop variety is truly magical, for as the flowers mature, they turn crimson. What a show! Each 3-inch pot contains one Kamtschaticum Variegated Sedum plant.Sold Out

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Matrona Sedum Plant

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The 'Matrona' Sedum Plant first appeared in Germany. The word 'matrona' in German is translated as ‘a lady of well-rounded form’. Our Matrona Stonecrop is all of that and much more, including being wonderfully salt tolerant. The silvery-green leaves have rosy edges on deep wine-colored stems. Her flowers start out a charming shade of light green, changing to a blushing pink. Matrona even ages well as her pink blossoms turn to a pinky-bronze in the fall. We have to agree; she is well-rounded and voluptuous! Each 3-inch pot contains one Matrona Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Sieboldii Sedum Plant

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The 'Sieboldii' Sedum Plant is also commonly called October Daphne Stonecrop and boasts some of the most beautifully colored foliage in this genus. The fleshy, succulent leaves begin as bluish-gray with a deep rose-pink edge that turns thoroughly pink in late fall and early winter. The flowers are a dusty pink that contrast stunningly with the foliage. We love this Stonecrop, as do our customers, including our coastal gardeners. Each 3-inch pot contains one Sieboldii Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Tricolor Sedum Plant

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The 'Tricolor' Sedum Plant is a treat even when it’s not in bloom. Blessed with fleshy, succulent, ovule leaves, this Stonecrop displays delightful shades of mellow sage green, creamy white and softest pink. Star-shaped pale pink flowers with deep blushing centers adorn this plant throughout the summer and fall. This low-growing, salt tolerant ground cover adapts itself well to even the poorest soils, so use it to easily beautify one of those 'not-so-beautiful' spots in your yard! Each 3-inch pot contains one Tricolor Sedum plant. Sold Out

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Vera Jameson Sedum Plant

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The 'Vera Jameson' Sedum Plant was discovered in Gloucestershire, England in 1970 by its namesake, right in her own garden. It was a chance hybrid seedling at the time and is proof that miracles do, in fact, exist. A chance marriage between 'Atropurpureum' and 'Ruby Glow', the Vera Jameson Stonecrop is absolutely stunning year round. Its round, smoky, blue-green, succulent leaves mature to dusky purple. In the winter, leave the star-shaped pink flowers to dry to provide some cold-weather interest and then prune back to the ground before the first new growth appears in the spring. This clump-forming, salt tolerant sedum is perfect for rock gardens, along rock walls or in containers. Each 3-inch pot contains one Vera Jameson Sedum plant. Sold Out