Rudbeckia Plants

Rudbeckia plants produce bushy, upright clumps with profuse displays of daisy-like blossoms, most of which are large and flamboyant and have a signature dark central eye. Attractive to honeybees, butterflies and birds, these are a favorite for planting en masse or for naturalizing large areas.

Rudbeckia, pronounced rud-BEK-ee-uh, also commonly called Black-eyed Susan, is easy to grow and adapts to a wide range of growing conditions.  It has few insect or disease problems. The early season flower blossoms are attractive to bees and butterflies, while the late and "after season” seed heads will feed both migratory and native birds. Removing the faded flower heads will greatly extend the blooming season. Rudbeckia also does well in rain gardens.

All of our Rudbeckia Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The name of the 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckia Plant sounds like some flavor of amazing ice cream and though you can’t eat it, it looks just as delicious as it sounds. The first red Black-Eyed Susan that will re-sow, true to form, from seed, you will have plenty to pass along to everyone in your neighborhood. You’ll need them!; once these Gloriosa Daisies are in full bloom, all attention will be on your yard! In shades of maroon to dark pink, the color radiates outwards from the signature black eye of these gorgeous flowers. Each 3-inch pot contains one Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia plant.

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Denver Daisy Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Denver Daisy™' Rudbeckia Plant was bred to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Mile High City. Seeds were given away in all the local schools, banks and offices all over the city to encourage its citizens to blanket the landscape with color. A wonderful hybrid Black-Eyed Susan, the blossoms are a whopping 6 to 8 inches in diameter and a brilliant sunny yellow. A halo, in the form of a splash of deep red at the base of each petal, surrounds the chocolate-brown eye. Blooming a little later than some varieties of Gloriosa Daisy, this is the perfect addition to your fall flower garden. Each 3-inch pot contains one Denver Daisy Rudbeckia plant.

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Goldilocks Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Goldilocks' Rudbeckia Plant produces double and semi-double blossoms that look somewhat like a mum; if you don’t happen to notice the signature eye of this Black-Eyed Susan, so characteristic of the genus and which appears to be more deeply set as it is enfolded by the full blossoms. The orangey-yellow shade of the deeply-veined petals is pleasing to the eyes as is the medium-green, purple tinged leaves and fuzzy stems. Goldilocks is just right! Each 3-inch pot contains one Goldilocks Rudbeckia plant.

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Goldsturm Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Goldsturm' Rudbeckia Plant has showy, large, bright yellow flowers that are one of the most popular perennials world-wide. The 1999 Perennial Plant Association Perennial Plant of the Year, your grandparents, and their grandparents, probably saw these profusely flowering Black-Eyed Susans on the plains of North America. Try combining these salt tolerant plants with ornamental grasses for a fantastic and fascinating display. Each 3-inch pot contains one Goldsturm Rudbeckia plant.

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Indian Summer Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

Our 'Indian Summer' Rudbeckia Plant is that perfect shade of orange that is so reminiscent of cooler temperatures, turning leaves and pumpkin patches, but provides you with Indian summer color in midsummer, right up to the first frost. This Black-Eyed Susan has a distinct chocolate-colored eye surrounded by gently overlapping petals that are most often delicately rolled along the edges, forming a cup that catches drops of moisture. The single and semi-double blossoms are gi-normous, measuring 6 to 9 inches across and sitting above lush green foliage, earning her an All-America Selection Winners® award. We guarantee you will consider her a “winner” too! Each 3-inch pot contains one Indian Summer Rudbeckia plant.

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Moreno Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Moreno' Rudbeckia Plant is a color sensation! Fully double blossoms emerge with deeply-veined petals a warm bronze color appearing to have been dipped in brilliant gold. As the Black-Eyed Susan blooms mature, bronze changes to purplish-mahogany with wonderfully orange tips that are eventually overtaken by that stunning mahogany color just before the flowers fade for good. But, this Gloriosa Daisy seed head is just as beautiful and interesting, being the same deep mahogany but rimmed with its own sprinkle of gold! Enjoy bees and butterflies in the summer and early fall, and then attract migratory birds in late fall through winter. Each 3-inch pot contains one Moreno Rudbeckia plant.

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Prairie Sun Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Prairie Sun' Rudbeckia Plant is an All America Selections® and Fleuroselect winner, impressing experts all across North America and Europe. Bearing 6 inch daisy-like blossoms, these sunny yellow Black-Eyed Susans have a pastel orange halo surrounding a green eye. Having lengthy, robust stems, our Prairie Sun Gloriosa Daisy is an ideal choice for cut flower arrangements and will thrive in just about any soil and location. These free-flowering daisies will self-seed, so learning to recognize the slightly hairy seedlings will keep you in Prairie Sun Rudebeckia for as long as you choose, even as the original plants fade after a few years. Each 3-inch pot contains one Prairie Sun Rudbeckia plant.

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Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia Plant

Price $6.75

The 'Tiger Eye Gold' Rudbeckia Plant is the world’s first F1 Hybrid Black-Eyed Susan. It produces well-branched, full plants bearing semi-double blossoms the most amazing orange and orangey-yellow with a glossy dark eye. This hybrid has reduced sensitivity to powdery mildew, weathers heat and humidity well and requires only a little bit of TLC. Our Tiger Eye Gold Gloriosa Daisy will have a dense, long-lasting flower canopy that is hard to ignore. Your neighbors will come calling to check this one out! Each 3-inch pot contains one Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia plant.