Plectranthus Plants

Plectranthus Plants, commonly called Swedish Ivy or Cuban Oregano, has attractive fuzzy, green foliage on long trailing stems. They make excellent choices for hanging baskets, as ground cover, or as a foliage accent in mixed containers and window boxes. In perfect conditions, Swedish ivy will sometimes produce very small, usually white or pastel, tubular-shaped flowers.

Plectranthus plants, pronounced pleck-TRAN-thuss, actually belong to quite a large family and are a member of the mint family, as opposed to being a true ivy. The ones presented here are equally amenable to container planting or to ground landscaping.

All of our Plectranthus Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule.

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Purple Plectranthus Plant

Price $4.80

The 'Purple' Plectranthus Plant has round, gray-green leaves and a purple underbelly. It can be made bushy by pinching back new growth frequently. Purple Swedish Ivy is great for window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets, as well as for a striking ground cover or trellis climber in zones 10 and 11. Each 3-inch pot contains one Purple Plectranthus plant.

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Variegated Plectranthus Plant

Price $4.80

The 'Variegated' Plectranthus Plant has round, white and green leaves surrounded by green foliage. It is slightly less trailing than other ivy varieties but has just enough upright growth to hide the hook of a hanging basket. The minty green, scalloped leaves on this variety look just like they’ve been carefully dipped in white paint. Unusual, to say the least, and a great conversation starter! Each 3-inch pot contains one Variegated Plectranthus plant.