Lettuce Plants

Lettuce plants are grown for their edible leaves that are most commonly used in salads. Most lettuce provides a moderately good source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, copper and dietary fiber.

Planting your lettuce seedlings is very easy, simply remove the plant from the container and place into the soil the same depth as it was in the container. Plants do best in full sun for cool-weather areas, and partial sun in warmer climates or for summer plantings. Don't water very often: as long as the soil stays moist, it will grow wonderfully. Feed lettuce every three weeks with a seaweed fertilizer. Leaf lettuce may be cut whenever it is large enough to use. Cutting every other plant at ground level gives the remaining plants more space for growth. Head lettuce should be harvested when the heads are firm and fully formed.

All of our Lettuce Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Butter King Lettuce Plant

Price $4.35

Our 'Butter King' Lettuce plant is an All America Selections Winner for 1966, and continues to be a customer favorite. Butterking is a Bibb variety, slow to bolt, resistant to tip burn and never bitter, even when forced to finish in hotter than normal temperatures. The large, sweet, soft yet crisp heads yield tender leaves with smooth flavor. Each 3-inch pot contains two Butter King lettuce plants.

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Green Ice Lettuce Plant

Price $4.35

The 'Green Ice' Lettuce Plant is a loose-leaf lettuce with crisp, loose heads of slightly cut, ruffled leaves with a high nutritional value. It is slow to bolt and has a sweet taste. Green Ice is one of the crispest, most satisfying loose-leaf lettuces you can grow. The leaves are glossy and deep green, and they have an extra-crunchy texture. With a distinctly different look and appeal, it combines the large, ruffled look of a loose-leaf with the crunchiness of a crisphead. Gardeners have enjoyed Green Ice's bounty Green Ice lettuce plants. Each 3-inch pot contains two Green Ice lettuce plants.

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Summertime Lettuce Plant

Price $4.35

'Summertime' Lettuce has proven to be one of our leading crispheads. It is slow bolting and performs exceptionally well under warm weather conditions. Summertime Lettuce has a crisp, solid, bright-colored, medium-size head. A very handsome lettuce, Summertime consistently produces fine, flavorful heads with a delicate taste that resists bitterness, even under difficult conditions. The deep green, crisp-sweet leaves are well formed around a tight central core. Summertime is a noteworthy variety for all lettuce lovers.Each 3-inch pot contains two Summertime lettuce plants.