Hosta Plants

Hosta Plants are shade tolerant, hardy perennials that are grown mainly for their foliage.

Hosta, pronounced HOSS-tah, also commonly called Plantain Lily, do best when placed in shade or semi-shade conditions. As a general rule, the gold and yellow colored varieties get their best coloring when given slightly more sun. Hostas need regular watering during dry spells, if you notice the leaf edges turning brown, increase the amount of water. They do not need regular division to keep them vigorous.

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August Moon Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'August Moon' Hosta Plant has wide, heavily ribbed, heart-shaped foliage in hues from chartreuse to gold that is also slug resistant due to their hefty substance. This Plantain Lily is tolerant of full sun, the gold color intensifying with the amount of sun exposure. August Moon is also slightly salt tolerant; with protection from direct salt spray, it adapts well to coastal environs. The white to pale lavender flowers rise on graceful, 24 inch wispy stems (scapes). Each 3-inch pot contains one August Moon Hosta plant.

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Aureo Marginata Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Aureo Marginata' Hosta Plant was formerly known as Gold Crown Hosta and was first introduced in 1969, testimony to its longevity and popularity. This Plantain Lily has deep green to olive green, heart-shaped to oval variegated foliage with narrow, irregular, creamy yellow margins that mature to creamy white. With the foliage mound only reaching heights of 12 to 16 inches, the scapes of lavender blossoms will double its height to 34 beautiful inches! Its slight tolerance to salt means our coastal gardeners can grow it in partially sheltered areas. Each 3-inch pot contains one Aureo Marginata Hosta plant.

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Blue Mouse Ears Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Blue Mouse Ears' Hosta Plant is the hosta plant collectors everywhere are seeking. This dwarf-sized Plantain Lily will fit just about anywhere, forming a tight 1 foot wide mound of small, round, blue-green leaves on a perfectly symmetrical clump. In early summer, the clumps are topped with proportionally short spikes of lavender flowers. Blue Mouse may be small, but he is definitely one of the most versatile hostas on the market, even adapting to slightly salty conditions. Each 3-inch pot contains one Blue Mouse Ears Hosta plant.

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Brother Stefan Hosta Plant

Price $10.00

The 'Brother Stefan' Hosta Plant was named by top hosta breeder Olga Petryszyn for her brother on his birthday; this Plantain Lily is quite the birthday present. This is truly one of the most spectacular hostas that we have ever seen. Stefan sports 3 foot wide clumps of thick, heavily-corrugated, golden foliage that is edged with a wide border of medium green. In late spring, 2 foot tall scapes of pure white flowers are Brother Stefan's crowning glory! In somewhat protected coastal gardens, it looks just as astonishing, where it is slightly salt tolerant. Each 3-inch pot contains one Brother Stefan Hosta plant.

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Earth Angel Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Earth Angel' Hosta Plant was chosen as the 2009 Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Society, for good reason. Huge leaves often reach over 1 foot long and the plant, once mature, can be up to 5 feet wide! This is the first giant blue variety of Plantain Lily with white bordered foliage. Even the flowers are big; 1-inch white flowers tower on 4-foot stems. Got salt? Our coastal growers love this hosta, its slight salt tolerance enabling them to grow this angel in sheltered gardens. Each 3-inch pot contains one Earth Angel Hosta plant.

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Elegans Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Elegans' Hosta Plant has broad, round, thick, deep blue-green leaves that can measure up to 12 inches across. The center part of the leaves is about the bluest you will find on any hosta, but with a grayish-green blush on the margins that gives this variety even more appeal. Our Elegans Plantain Lily is more tolerant of dry shaded areas, which makes it even more appealing and she blooms with funnel-shaped, white flowers on 40 inch scapes. Her color perfectly matches the ocean; her slight salt tolerance making her ideal for sheltered coastal gardens. Each 3-inch pot contains one Elegans Hosta plant.

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Elvis Lives Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

Our 'Elvis Lives' Hosta Plant is enormously popular. Unique, moderately rippled, lance-shaped 11-inch leaves are dusty blue-green (or blue suede, as the name implies). This Plantain Lily has a mounding habit, tubular, funnel-shaped flowers that are medium-lavender in color and which bloom on 22 inch scapes. This perennial grows well in most fertile, well-drained soils, even on the coasts where its slight tolerance to salt holds it in good stead. Elvis prefers locations with partial to full shade. Excellent form and deep color add interest to shade gardens, shady borders and containers. Each 3-inch pot contains one Elvis Lives Hosta plant.

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First Frost Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

Our 'First Frost' Hosta Plant is a sport of 'Halcyon', bearing the same very intense, blue-green center but with pale golden-yellow margins that mature to pure frosty white late in the season, appearing to be "frosted" before the first frost actually occurs. Named Hosta of the Year for 2010 by the American Hosta Growers Association, the hefty leaves of this Plantain Lily stand up well and support pastel lavender flowers on 24 inch delicate stems in midsummer, even with slightly salty conditions in coastal areas. Each 3-inch pot contains one First Frost Hosta plant.

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Francee Hosta Plant

Price $6.00

The 'Francee' Hosta Plant has bold, variegated foliage, a bright, brilliant green with creamy, undefined margins. Long a garden staple and the anchor for old-fashioned shade gardens, even in slightly salty coastal environs, the Francee Plantain Lily blooms with white or pale lavender bell-shaped flowers on 36 inch scapes. Each 3-inch pot contains one Francee Hosta plant.

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Great Expectations Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Great Expectations' Hosta Plant produces large, puckered, heart-shaped leaves with a feather-patterned cream center surrounded by a wide blue-green margin. The summer blossoms are bell-shaped and white, rising on graceful scapes 34 to 36 inches tall. This Plantain Lily is one of our best sellers and lives up to its name in great style-even when grown in slightly salty climates or soil! Each 3-inch pot contains one Great Expectations Hosta plant.

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Guacamole Hosta Plant

Price $8.00

The 'Guacamole' Hosta Plant bears foliage that is heavily ribbed, glossy and showy. In every shade between buttery yellow and chartreuse, Guacamole sports spring-green to purply-green margins, the margin color sometimes being splashed across the leaf and along its ribs. White flowers rise on 12 to 15 inch scapes. This Plantain Lily was the 2002 American Hosta Society Growers Hosta of the Year and still holds a place of honor in the hosta community. Our coastal residents grow Guacamole in sheltered gardens. Each 3-inch pot contains one Guacamole Hosta plant. Mark Your Calendar-Available to PreOrder in December!

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June Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'June' Hosta Plant, named the Hosta of the Year in 2001, produces colorful golden leaves generously streaked with vivid, blue-green, clear out to the like-colored margins. Some gardeners report that the gold color turns visibly lighter as the summer season progresses. The blossoms that grow on 20 to 24 inch scapes are more blue than lavender and the leaves are not as heavily ribbed as many Plantain Lilies, which may contribute to June’s popularity. Also contributing to June's popularity-its tolerance to slightly salty soil and climates. Each 3-inch pot contains one June Hosta plant.

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Minuteman Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Minuteman' Hosta Plant has every reason to boast about its luscious, dark-green leaves that are enhanced by the wide, purest white, irregular margins. A sport of Francee, the foliage is substantial and slightly wavy. The flowers, when they appear on the 24 inch scapes, are striped in pastel lavender upon white. This Plantain Lily has risen to the ranks of a real customer favorite, especially with our coastal gardeners who enjoy its slight salt tolerance. Each 3-inch pot contains one Minuteman Hosta plant.

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Paradigm Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Paradigm' Hosta Plant is one of the best gold-centered hostas with nice substance and texture. The beautiful, corrugated chartreuse to gold leaves have wide, irregular, dark blue-green margins. The variegation and contrast intensifies as the season progresses. In mid-summer nearly white to pale lavender flowers are produced on 2 foot tall scapes. The Paradigm Plantain Lily was the 2007 Hosta of the Year and adapts well to slightly salty soil and climates. Each 3-inch pot contains one Paradigm Hosta plant.

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Patriot Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

Considered by many to be the best white-variegated hosta on the market, the 'Patriot' Hosta Plant sports the most vivacious and visible white margins of any variety of Plantain Lily. In some instances the foliage appears to be stark white, with just a splash of dark, blue-green down its center. You can see this one from clear across the yard! The flowering scapes rise 30 to 34-inches and bear pale, lavender blossoms. Sold Out

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Potomac Pride Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Potomac Pride' Hosta Plant has large, glossy, dark, forest-green foliage, sometimes with a blue cast, depending upon sun exposure. Each leaf’s edge curls slightly backwards, giving this particular Plantain Lily a somewhat more delicate appearance. But, don’t let that fool you. The leaves are densely corrugated, leathery-looking and slug resistant, while the entire plant tolerates the slightly salty soil and air of coastal areas. Potomac Pride can also withstand sun for half of the day, so is a bit more versatile than some hosta varieties. Its flowers are pale lavender-blue, spidery appearing, rather than bell-shaped and rise on short scapes of only 4 to 6 inches. Pride is its middle name! Each 3-inch pot contains one Potomac Pride Hosta plant.

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Praying Hands Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Praying Hands' Hosta Plant resembles no Plantain Lily that you have ever seen! Chosen as the 2011 Hosta of the Year by The American Hosta Society, the deeply veined leaves with very slim golden margins are folded almost in half, looking very much like hands folded in prayer. The amazing leaves have a soft-matte finish on the top, the folded nature revealing the glossy undersides that shine with any little bit of sunlight or moonlight that reaches your shade garden. Your friends will be talking about this new Hosta even before it puts forth its plethora of pastel lavender flowers in late summer. Our coastal gardeners are definitely talking about it; its slight tolerance to salt ensures long life in coastal environs. Each 3-inch pot contains one Praying Hands Hosta plant.

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Stained Glass Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

Our 'Stained Glass' Hosta Plant is a sport of 'Guacamole' with the same vigorous growth rate and tidy mounding habit, as well as its slight salt tolerance. Displaying its variegation earlier in the spring and exhibiting a more prominent, brighter gold throughout the entire season, its name comes from the prominent venation and vivid dark green margins on 10 to 12 inch leaves that give this Plantain Lily the appearance of stained glass. Pleasantly fragrant, very pale lavender flowers arise on 30-inch scapes in late summer. Each 3-inch pot contains one Stained Glass Hosta plant.

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Sum and Substance Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

Our 'Sum and Substance' Hosta Plant was named Hosta of the Year in 2004. A partial sun location will enhance the bright hues of the broad, rimmed foliage. This Plantain Lily has deeply veined, heart-shaped glossy leaves of chartreuse to golden yellow, depending on the amount of sun exposure, even its slight tolerance to coastal climes not affecting its gorgeous coloration. Producing towering spikes reaching up to 50 inches and bearing the signature bell-shaped, pastel lavender blossoms, this hosta is the "sum and substance" of the hosta genus. Each 3-inch pot contains one Sum and Substance Hosta plant.

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Wide Brim Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Wide Brim' Hosta Plant has delicately pin-tucked, slightly bluish, soft green leaves with abstract, creamy-white to pastel yellow margins. Considered by many gardeners to be one of the prettiest Plantain Lilies, the rippled leaves are its biggest attraction. Wide Brim can handle more sun than many hostas, even withstanding full sunlight if given plenty of water or when planted in northern climes where the sunlight is not as intense. Incredibly versatile it goes from northern climes to the coast with ease, having a slight tolerance to salty soil and air. The delicate bloom is pale lavender and rises on scapes about 2 feet above the gorgeous foliage. Each 3-inch pot contains one Wide Brim Hosta plant.

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Wolverine Hosta Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Wolverine' Hosta Plant is an eye-catching Plantain Lily forming a dense, cascading mound of shiny, wavy, tapering leaves. The leaves have lovely deep blue-green centers and wide, golden margins on leaves that can be up to 10-inches long. Lavender blossoms appear on 20-inch scapes in late summer. Sold Out.