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Potted Heuchera Plants

Heuchera Plants produce low-growing foliage in absolutely stunning colors; some have sparse blossoms while some bloom prolifically, but all are delicate, borne on panacles that wave in gentle breezes above the foliage mound. Most Heuchera plants are evergreen or semi-evergreen, making them a highly sought-after perennial.

Heuchera, pronounced HEW-kur-uh, also commonly called Coral Bells or Alumroot, can be used either in borders or as a focal point, in a rock garden for example. Many use them as a ground cover and their compact, mounding habit and shallow roots make them the perfect container plant. Most cultivars require evenly moist soil, but hybridization has resulted in some remarkably drought-tolerant, sun-loving species, as well.

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Amber Waves Heuchera Plant

Price $7.80

The Heuchera 'Amber Waves' Coral Bells is a clump-forming perennial featuring a cluster of heavily ruffled, amber-gold leaves topped by tall, light pink flowers in the spring. Each 3-inch pot contains one Amber Waves Heuchera plant.

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Amethyst Myst Heuchera Plant

Price $6.96

The 'Amethyst Myst' Heuchera Plant was evaluated by 600 National Home Garden Club members and awarded the Tested Seal of Approval based on ease of use, performance, appearance, plant health and durability. Grown primarily for its unique dark foliage, this clump-forming perennial has glossy leaves of deep, intense purple, overlaid with silvery highlights and black veining. From a distance the effect of a mass-planting is that of a glowing, low-hanging purple mist. Each 3-inch pot contains one Amethyst Myst Heuchera plant.

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Autumn Leaves Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Autumn Leaves' Heuchera Plant is a show-off for all seasons. Pinky-red leaves with light silver accents emerge in the spring. As the leaves grow, the summertime heat brings out pleasing shades of taupe, the perfect palette for your summer flowers; and then, as cooler temperatures become the norm, this Coral Bells changes its clothes again, becoming the “lady in red” for the fall cotillion. This is a 3 for one when it comes to color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Autumn Leaves Heuchera plant.

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Beaujolais Heuchera Plant

Price $11.00

The 'Beaujolais' Heuchera Plant is a new arrival from France and boasts hand-sized burgundy wine-colored leaves overlaid with a generous dusting of silver. The 5-inch leaves are decorated with deep purple veins, giving them a decidedly lacy appearance. This Coral Bells bears sparse pinky-white flowers on reddish purple panicles that seem even more diminutive due to the uncharacteristically large size of the leaves. Oooh-la-la!

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Berry Smoothie Heuchera Plant

Price $13.90

Fast becoming a customer favorite, our 'Berry Smoothie' Heuchera plant boasts 4 to 5 inch, cheerful, purple-veined leaves that start as a rosy-pink, darkening to hot purple-pink, but retaining vibrant color all season long. Thriving in the heat and humidity, this Coral Bells will add interest to southern gardens. Petite, pale pink flowers appear above the foliage mound on slender wiry stems, usually in late spring to early summer. Plant en masse as a striking ground cover, along a border or in a container with all green foliage to attract attention. Wherever you plant these, they will be noticed! Each 3-inch pot contains one Berry Smoothie Heuchera plant.

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Berry Marmalade Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Berry Marmalade' Heuchera Plant is making its premier this year, thanks to Terra Nova Nurseries, and again, it looks like they’ve succeeded in creating a remarkably beautiful Coral Bells specimen. Berry Marmalade is sure to become a hit with gardeners craving the extraordinary! Red berry and grape-colored variegated, ruffled leaves are decorated with lacy black veins for truly striking foliage. Heuchera doesn’t get much better than this! Each 3-inch pot contains one Berry Marmalade Heuchera plant.

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Black Out Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

Our 'Black Out' Heuchera Plant was developed by Dirk Scheys of Belgium. Having leaves that are very dark, almost black, compared to Heuchera 'Obsidian', the industry standard for dark-leaved Coral Bells, Black Out’s foliage is darker in color. Also out-performing Obsidian when it comes to vigorous growth, Black Out's compact growth habit makes it ideal for low borders and containers. The creamy white flowers appear midsummer and rise about 18 inches above the starkly contrasting foliage. Each 3-inch pot contains one Black Out Heuchera plant.

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Cajun Fire Heuchera Plant

Price $13.96

Our 'Cajun Fire' Heuchera Plant is not only a perennial for three full seasons; it is a Coral Bells for almost the entire country! Changing colors along with the temperatures, Cajun Fire’s foliage will be brilliant red in the springtime, almost black in the summer and beautifully burgundy in the fall. Semi-evergreen, in some zones you’ll have 4 seasons of color! Mottled leaves are richly veined and nicely scalloped, above which deep red stems hold the white coral bell blossoms. Each 3-inch pot contains one Cajun Fire Heuchera plant.

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Caramel Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Caramel' Heuchera Plant produces full mounding maple-like leaves the rich color of golden caramel with surprising red undersides that become quite showy as the breezes ruffle the leaves. This Coral Bells has tall, slender stems bearing lots of petite, creamy white flowers in early summer, lingering into the fall and sometimes into early winter or until the first hard frost. Each 3-inch pot contains one Caramel Heuchera plant.

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Cassandra Heuchera Plant

Price $7.70

The 'Cassandra' Heuchera Plant displays a myriad of autumn shades, ranging from deep bronze to coppery-pink and from deep amber to honey. Maple-shaped leaves grow in a compact mound that yields slender stems topped by light pink tiny bell-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer, sending out new blooms until the first frost. This Coral Bells is guaranteed to please! Each 3-inch pot contains one Cassandra Heuchera plant.

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Circus Heuchera Plant

Price $12.00

Our 'Circus' Heuchera Plant has party-colored foliage and bears uniquely colored sprays of red blossoms. A Coral Bells with exciting flora is a rarity, but seems perfectly natural when the leaves are shades of yellowy-green, spring-green and vivid chartreuse with lacy maroon venation. Its fall color hues include flamboyant yellows, greens and pinks. Make sure to pluck a few of these scarlet-red flowers to add height and eye-catching color to your summertime fresh flower arrangements. Each 4-inch pot contains one Circus Heuchera plant.

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Crimson Curls Heuchera Plant

Price $8.96

Looking somewhat like crispy, curly cabbage, the 'Crimson Curls' Huechera Plant boasts striking bronzy-brown foliage with dark crimson, close to burgundy-colored, undersides. The combination of those dense, leafy curls and the foliage color may very well turn out to be your favorite Coral Bells variety. This hardy evergreen produces airy sprays of tiny, creamy white flowers on slender burgundy stems from late spring to midsummer. Each 3-inch pot contains one Crimson Curls Heuchera plant.

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Fire Alarm Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Fire Alarm' Heuchera Plant is one of the newest releases from Terra Nova nurseries and is already creating a bit of a stir in the gardening world, especially for you "heucheraholics". A super vigorous grower, this Coral Bells has the reddest, thickest, most leathery-looking leaves that we dare you to find on any other heuchera!

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Harvest Burgundy Heuchera Plant

Price $7.80

Our 'Harvest Burgundy' Heuchera Plant only requires a bit of sprucing up in the spring to be handsome all season long. The silver-coated foliage is laced with medium green venation, which in and of itself, is quite striking. The magic happens in cooler weather when the leaves blush burgundy, some displaying a deeper and more overall flush than others and the bottom of the leaves being even more darkly-colored. Each 3-inch pot contains one Harvest Burgundy Heuchera plant.

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Hercules Heuchera Plant

Price $8.96

The showy 'Hercules' Heuchera Plant produces the most amazing green and white, heavily-marbled leaves topped by intensely scarlet flowers in early to midsummer! A most hardy and vigorous Coral Bells, it may also be one of the most stunning and outstanding varieties that it will ever be your pleasure to grow. This one is a keeper! Each 3-inch pot contains one Hercules Heuchera plant.

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Lemon Chiffon Heuchera Plant

Price $7.80

Our 'Lemon Chiffon' Heuchera Plant is not so much lemony-colored, as it is chartreuse, though this green does come awfully close to the green you’ll find on a lemon that is not quite ripe, though the more sun, the lighter the color; kind of like the sun ripens the leaves. Lemon Chiffon’s blossoms are so pale pink as to appear white. The butterflies really show up against this foliage color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Lemon Chiffon Heuchera plant.

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Melting Fire Heuchera Plant

Price $6.30

The 'Melting Fire' Heuchera Plant is so-named because of the fiery red new growth that emerges in the springtime. This new growth appears amongst mature foliage of the deepest shades of green, maroon and purple and is truly a spectacle to behold. The fun, ruffled, crinkled and curled leaves are just the right background for the signature Coral Bells’ dainty pink blossoms that appear on dark red stems in late spring, seeming to time their arrival with that of the butterflies!

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Midas Touch Heuchera Plant

Price $13.90

The 'Midas Touch' Heuchera Plant features striking fluted, ruffled, heavily veined foliage in every shade from the palest yellow to blushing peach to a mellow bronze. You will never get tired of this amazing variety of Coral Bells. Creamy white flowers arrive in May or June though most gardeners will use Midas Touch for its brilliant foliage in autumn-themed arrangements. Each 4-inch pot contains one Midas Touch Heuchera plant.

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Obsidian Heuchera Plant

Price $10.96

The 'Obsidian' Heuchera Plant has been named after the obsidian rock, the result of volcanic lava cooling rapidly without crystalization, which creates a smooth black glass-like rock that can appear purple in bright sunlight. The foliage of this Coral Bells is the closest to black of any Heuchera with the edges and surface appearing to be polished smooth. Even the royal purple undersides of each leaf are shiny! Each 3-inch pot contains one Obsidian Heuchera plant.

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Paprika Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Paprika' Heuchera Plant has larger leaves, due to its H. villosa breeding, as well as having the brightest orange coloration on the market! In early spring and in the fall, Paprika will put on a blaze of color. Covered with a lacy white veil year round, the leaves of this Coral Bells will be rosy-orange in the spring and burgundy-orange in the fall. In between, the foliage will range in color from amber to peach, with every hue in between; she will bear white flowers to match that fragile white fabric that makes Paprika really unusual and a real attention getter! Each 3-inch pot contains one Paprika Heuchera plant.

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Peach Crisp Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Peach Crisp™' Heuchera Plant is the second in the Crisp Series from Terra Nova Nurseries, aptly named due to its "crispy" leaves. Extremely ruffled and sharply cut, the foliage appears crisp, as does the superior coloration of this series of Coral Bells. Peach Crisp dresses in shades of green, amber, orangey-red, caramel, fiery orange and brick red. The color will be more intense with the amount of sun it gets, even in the hotter, southern parts of the U.S. White flowers tower proudly above this remarkable foliage on deep burgundy stems. Each 3-inch pot contains one Peach Crisp Heuchera plant.

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Pistache Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Pistache' Heuchera Plant is a fairly new arrival from France. The breeder, Thiery Delabroye, has been working to breed the most heat and humidity tolerant, as well as the most vigorously growing Heuchera. This Coral Bells is one of his success stories. It has large leaves that range in color from lemon-lime to chartreuse, depending upon the amount of light it gets, but without the more darkly colored lacy veining. The leaves are clean and unruffled and show off their best color when grown in mostly partially shaded areas. Creamy flowers give this variety a most delicate appearance, regardless of the leaf size.

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Ruby Bells Heuchera Plant

Price $6.96

The 'Ruby Bells' Heuchera Plant is one of the few Coral Bells that is not grown almost exclusively for its foliage. The geranium-like leaves on this variety are only lightly variegated in shades of celery green, but are decorated with lacy dark green veining. Ruby Bells is named for its stunning ruby-red bell-shaped flowers that rise above its foliage on purple stems. Bred for its flowers, this variety blooms for a longer period of time in early summer. Each 3-inch pot contains one Ruby Bells Heuchera plant.

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Shanghai Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Shanghai' Heuchera Plant produces compact mounds of silvery-purple leaves with burgundy veins. The leaves of this Coral Bells are thick and leathery and more suited for border planting due to their smaller size. Petite white flowers on deep red stems appear in the late spring to early summer, re-blooming throughout the rest of the season. Each 3-inch pot contains one Shanghai Heuchera plant.

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Silver Scrolls Heuchera Plant

Price $7.50

The 'Silver Scrolls' Heuchera Plant has been described as "enchanting" and we have to agree. The foliage changes color throughout the seasons, depending upon the ever-changing intensity of light. In springtime the leaves are a grapy-purple with a gauzy-looking silvery frosting. In the winter, the leaves turn a rich reddish-violet. Its flowers are also captivating; it produces rosy-pink buds that open to creamy greenish-white blossoms. Unlike many silver plants, this Coral Bells is able to withstand hot summers. >

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Southern Comfort Heuchera Plant

Price $13.90

The 'Southern Comfort' Heuchera Plant gets its name from its color, not its environment. The huge 8 to 9 inch leaves change from cinnamon-peach to burnished copper, darkening to amber as the season closes. Add to that the flirty pink undersides that play peek-a-boo when ruffled by the wind and you have a recipe for startling beauty. More adaptable than some Coral Bells varieties, this one grows easily in just about any climate, from the hot and humid south to the cool and rainy northwest. Creamy white flowers add another 8 to 10 inches to Southern Comfort’s height in the late summer, sometimes lasting to the first frost. Each 3-inch pot contains one Southern Comfort Heuchera plant.

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Stainless Steel Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Stainless Steel' Heuchera Plant may very well become the highlight of your shady garden, its leaves turning to pure silver in the spring, flashing rich, plum-colored undersides and with topsides decorated with fine maroon venation. Reaching 3 to 4 inches across in maturity, these delightfully lobed leaves layer one upon the other, to create attractive mounds up to 12 inches high and up to 2 inches wide. Each 3-inch pot contains one Stainless Steel Heuchera plant.

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Stormy Seas Heuchera Plant

Price $6.96

The 'Stormy Seas' Heuchera Plant, produced by Terra Nova Nurseries of Oregon, has named this Coral Bells due to the ‘stormy’ color and ruffled texture of this remarkable foliage. In the Pacific Northwest, when the seas are stormy, the waves crashing on the beaches have a steely gray color infused with many shades of blue, purple, bronze and green, often refracting the prismatic colors of cloud-covered skies. With a light sheen, the leaves of this Heuchera are reddish-purple when young, then age to a bronzy-green, but all with a pinky-steel dusting interspersed with noticeable veining. 3' tall dark purple scapes bear creamy flowers starting in late spring. The effect is quite arresting and sure to elicit comments from those lucky enough to see it.

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Vienna Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Vienna' Heuchera Plant is one of Terra Nova's City™ Series of Coral Bells plants. The pleasingly colorful vegetation is deeply laced with red throughout leaves that appear in shades from soft coppery-orange to rich rosy-orange. Vienna grows compactly, as do her very brilliant, richly-hued pink flowers, rising on short wands only about 7 inches above her smartly contrasting foliage. How do you say "eye-catching" in Viennese? Each 3-inch pot contains one Vienna Heuchera plant.

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Can Can Heuchera Plant

Price $7.70

The 'Can Can' Heuchera Plant has leaves that are almost flirtatious, showing glimpses of their beet-red backsides underneath their ruffled edges. Their upper surfaces are frosted silver pink with dark venation and dark margins, while the petite greenish flowers on this Coral Bells are held high on airy panicles. Each 3-inch pot contains one Can Can Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Cherry Cola Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Cherry Cola' Heuchera Plant is one of the few Coral Bells that not only has amazing foliage, but abundant springtime flowers. The rounded, lobed leaves of this variety are lightly ruffled and variegated cherry red with shades of cola and milk chocolate. But this Heuchera doesn’t just stop at the foliage; from mid-spring through early summer, you get an added treat in the form of plentiful cherry-red flowers—a cherry on top! Yum! Each 3-inch pot contains one Cherry Cola Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Georgia Peach Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Georgia Peach' Heuchera Plant has extremely large, lobed leaves that can measure as much as 8 inches! Dusted with a silvery overlay, the peach foliage seems to glow with its own light. In the fall and winter the leaves of this Coral Bells turn a warm and comfy looking rosy-purple, very similar to the blush on a fully ripened peach. Sparse white, really dainty flowers atop dark purple, delicate stems appear late in the spring. Each 3-inch pot contains one Georgia Peach Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Citronelle Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Citronelle' Heuchera Plant is one of the more compact varieties and is actually an offspring of the Caramel Coral Bells. Its color makes it a perfect border plant to call attention to a prized flower or to brighten up a rock garden. Many gardeners use this particular Coral Bells as a ground cover. The brilliant leaves can only be described as hot lemon-lime or neon chartreuse, rising upon rosy-colored stems. Bell-shaped creamy white flowers will extend above the foliage in summer, re-blooming through the fall. Sold Out

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Ginger Peach Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Ginger Peach' Heuchera Plant is one of the fastest growing Coral Bells, but is also one of the slowest to flower, not producing its miniature ivory blossoms until its second year. But no one grows Heuchera for the flowers anyway. It’s the foliage that everyone craves and this variety has it in spades! The leaves are delightfully mussed, crimped and crinkled which allows the rosy undersides of the leaves to peek through the remarkable shades of apricot, burnt sienna, bronze, burnt umber, reddish-orange and gold that grace the tops of this showy specimen. Wow! Each 3-inch pot contains one Ginger Peach Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Midnight Bayou Heuchera Plant

Price $13.90

The 'Midnight Bayou' Heuchera Plant is one of the newer varieties. This Coral Bells produces foliage that is a rich reddish-purple with black veins, changing to an absolutely stunning silvery-purple in the fall, making this a great 'anytime' plant. The maple-like leaves are somewhat frilled and the pink blossoms appearing in spring and into the summer only highlight the brilliant color below. Each 3-inch pot contains one Midnight Bayou Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Midnight Rose Heuchera Plant

Price $11.90

The 'Midnight Rose' Heuchera Plant has large, lobed, burgundy to black leaves with hot pink splotches and splashes that expand and fade to a pale creamy pink in summer's heat. An offspring of the ever-popular 'Obsidian', there is nothing else quite like this variety of Coral Bells. Its tiny flowers are white, a striking contrast to the dark foliage. Each 3-inch pot contains one Midnight Rose Heuchera plant. Sold Out

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Tiramisu Heuchera Plant

Price $12.96

The 'Tiramisu' Heuchera Plant comes to you from the French breeder, Thiery Delabroye. His breeding program has resulted in Coral Bells that are more tolerant of heat and humidity and that are more vigorously growing with larger leaves and new foliage colors. This variety is one of his more colorful and unique creations. In the spring and fall, the leaves are a somewhat subdued chartreuse with brick-red shading and darker veining over the majority of the leaf. In the summer its leaves will lighten considerably, fading to a cheery yellowy-green with a rosy blush, but with the same distinctive lacy veining. C’est magnifique! Each 4-inch pot contains one Tiramisu Heuchera plant. Sold Out