Heuchera Plants

Heuchera Plants produce low-growing foliage in absolutely stunning colors; some have sparse blossoms while some bloom prolifically, but all are delicate, borne on panacles that wave in gentle breezes above the foliage mound. Most Heuchera plants are evergreen or semi-evergreen, making them a highly sought-after perennial.

Heuchera, pronounced HEW-kur-uh, also commonly called Coral Bells or Alumroot, can be used either in borders or as a focal point, in a rock garden for example. Many use them as a ground cover and their compact, mounding habit and shallow roots make them the perfect container plant. Most cultivars require evenly moist soil, but hybridization has resulted in some remarkably drought-tolerant, sun-loving species, as well.

All of our Heuchera Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Amethyst Myst Heuchera Plant

Price $7.75

The 'Amethyst Myst' Heuchera Plant was evaluated by 600 National Home Garden Club members and awarded the Tested Seal of Approval based on ease of use, performance, appearance, plant health and durability. Grown primarily for its unique dark foliage, this clump-forming perennial has glossy leaves of deep, intense purple, overlaid with silvery highlights and black veining. From a distance the effect of a mass-planting is that of a glowing, low-hanging purple mist. Each 3-inch pot contains one Amethyst Myst Heuchera plant.

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Lemon Chiffon Heuchera Plant

Price $8.75

Our 'Lemon Chiffon' Heuchera Plant is not so much lemony-colored, as it is chartreuse, though this green does come awfully close to the green you’ll find on a lemon that is not quite ripe, though the more sun, the lighter the color; kind of like the sun ripens the leaves. Lemon Chiffon’s blossoms are so pale pink as to appear white. The butterflies really show up against this foliage color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Lemon Chiffon Heuchera plant.

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Ruby Bells Heuchera Plant

Price $7.75

The 'Ruby Bells' Heuchera Plant is one of the few Coral Bells that is not grown almost exclusively for its foliage. The geranium-like leaves on this variety are only lightly variegated in shades of celery green, but are decorated with lacy dark green veining. Ruby Bells is named for its stunning ruby-red bell-shaped flowers that rise above its foliage on purple stems. Bred for its flowers, this variety blooms for a longer period of time in early summer. Each 3-inch pot contains one Ruby Bells Heuchera plant.

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Stormy Seas Heuchera Plant

Price $7.75

The 'Stormy Seas' Heuchera Plant, produced by Terra Nova Nurseries of Oregon, has named this Coral Bells due to the ‘stormy’ color and ruffled texture of this remarkable foliage. In the Pacific Northwest, when the seas are stormy, the waves crashing on the beaches have a steely gray color infused with many shades of blue, purple, bronze and green, often refracting the prismatic colors of cloud-covered skies. With a light sheen, the leaves of this Heuchera are reddish-purple when young, then age to a bronzy-green, but all with a pinky-steel dusting interspersed with noticeable veining. 3' tall dark purple scapes bear creamy flowers starting in late spring. The effect is quite arresting and sure to elicit comments from those lucky enough to see it. Each 3-inch pot contains one Stormy Seas Heuchera plant.