Elderberry Plants

The elderberry plant, or elder tree, grows natively in much of the Americas, usually in moist soil along creek beds, in irrigation ditches or along roadside drainage areas.

Also known botanically as Sambucus, pronounced sam-BYOO-kus, you can recognize the elderberry by its serrated, pointed leaves, but more so by the masses of creamy pink or white fragrant flowers it bears, these blossoms bursting forth in the spring and continuing to bloom through early fall. The flower clusters can be up to 12 inches across, becoming dense mounds of berries, ranging in color from purplish-blue to almost black. Read our blog to learn more about the care and uses for Elderberries.

All of our Elderberry Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Black Lace Elderberry Plant

Price $14.30

The 'Black Lace' Elderberry Plant is a uniquely stunning sambucus specimen! Intensely-colored purplish-black foliage is similar to that of a Japanese maple, making this particular elderberry a real stand-out. Add to that its extremely durable nature and adaptability and this Proven Winners® selection will soon become a backyard gardener’s favorite, especially when it comes to naturalization. Delicate, creamy-pink flowers yield deeply burgundy, almost black berries in the early fall. Make use of these berries by making wine or jam, or leave on the bushes to attract birds and other wildlife. Left on its own this striking bush will grow up to 8 feet, but can easily be pruned for more formal settings. Each 4-inch pot contains one Black Lace Elderberry plant. Sold Out For The Season

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Lemon Lace Elderberry Plant

Price $14.30

Our 'Lemon Lace™' Elderberry Plant also goes by the botanical name Sambucus racemosa and is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® selection. The focus on this airy-looking, delicately, yet deeply cut, ferny sambucus is on the golden-green foliage, rather than on the flowers, though the petite white blossoms are quite striking and in complete concert with the playful, light-hearted nature of the greenery. And in the fall-stunning deep red berries (which should not be eaten) stand out noticeably, attracting the songbirds of autumn and providing gorgeous garden color. Each 4-inch pot contains one Lemon Lace Elderberry plant. Sold Out For The Season

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Sutherland Gold Elderberry Plant

Price $10.00

Resembling a giant fern, the 'Sutherland Gold' Elderberry Plant’s deeply cut leaves and full branching habit contribute greatly to that look. Said to be more sun-tolerant than any other gold variety of Elderberry, this sambucus will display its brilliant leaf color in partial or dappled shade. In hot climates be sure to plant where there is afternoon shade as its leaves are just a bit susceptible to sunburn. In spring, the leaves emerge a rich golden color with a coppery sheen, maturing to an amazingly deep golden yellow and then slowly turning lime-green throughout the summer. It’s fun, airy, vibrant appearance may be just the thing for that vacant, shady corner! Each 4-inch pot contains one Sutherland Gold Elderberry plant. Sold Out For The Season