Echinacea Plants

Echinacea Plants produce long-blooming, daisy-like flowers with swept-back petals. This perennial will make a stunning addition to your garden as it comes in a wide array of colors and is attractive to butterflies and bees throughout the long blooming season.

Echinacea (pronounced ek-in-AY-see-uh or ek-in-AY-shuh), also commonly called Coneflower, should be sheared back by half or two-thirds their height in early summer to encourage bushier growth and more profuse flowering late in the season. They are considered to be drought tolerant once established. If you leave the seed-heads in place in late fall, you will find they attract beautiful goldfinches and other songbird visitors. Echinacea also does well in rain gardens.

All of our Echinacea Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Big Sky Harvest Moon Echinacea Plant

Price $13.25

The 'Big Sky™ Harvest Moon' Echinacea Plant sports daisy-like gold flowers, reminiscent of the color of a full harvest moon, with a huge, vibrant orange cone. This fragrant Coneflower is a bright addition to either a formal garden or a wilder cottage planting and is a favorite cut flower. Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Sky Harvest Moon Echinacea plant.

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Big Sky Solar Flare Echinacea Plant

Price $13.25

Our 'Big Sky™ Solar Flare' Echinacea Plant is the closest-to-red Coneflower that has been introduced to date (2012) and is considered by some to be a bicolor. From the rich, cushiony, mahogany brown center, the petals of this Echinacea do not arch backwards or down, but stand straight out, making these 5 to 6 inch blossoms look humongous! The ridged petals are a rich coral color with purply-pink dimpled tips and are supported by contrasting dark stems that match the cone and provide stunning contrast, especially when cut for fresh flower arrangements. Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Sky Solar Flare Echinacea plant.

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Cheyenne Spirit Mix Echinacea Plant

Price $7.75

Our 'Cheyenne Spirit Mix' Echinacea Plant first earned rave reviews when introduced in 2012, winning both an All-America Selections (AAS) award and Europe’s equivalent, the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. The answer to many a gardener’s dream, this mixture, in utterly stunning, displays vibrant colors, is well-branched, stout and compact, bouncing back amazingly well after wind or rain. Additionally, the Cheyenne Spirit Mix is aptly named, being marvelously drought resistant and encore blooming throughout the entire season, without deadheading. In brilliant hues of cream, gold, orange, scarlet, purple and red, order a few pots to achieve the most dramatic color mix; which will be quickly apparent, as this variety blooms the very first year! Each 3-inch pot contains one Cheyenne Spirit Mix Echinacea plant.

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Double Decker Echinacea Plant

Price $8.35

The 'Double Decker' Echinacea Plant is a must-have if you like the startling and unusual. This Coneflower has bright pink, sometimes pinky-lavender, petals that are swept powerfully back and out beneath a large burgundy-bronze cone. Then, amazingly, a smaller irregular blossom sprouts atop the mature, round seed head! Very eye-catching and distinctively different! Add this one to your wish list! Each 3-inch pot contains one Double Decker Echinacea plant.

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Firebird Echinacea Plant

Price $14.45

Our 'Firebird' Echinacea Plant no doubt got its name because its 2 to 3 inch flowers resemble the "birdie" that you play badminton with. The prominent dark orange cone is surrounded by brilliantly-colored fiery-orange petals that are swept back dramatically, more than many other Coneflower varieties, making it look remarkably like a shuttlecock—badminton anyone? The petals also vary from reddish-orange to a more orangey-orange, from center to tip, but keep that amazing fiery glow about them. Firebird will attract attention regardless of where you plant it! Each 3-inch pot contains one Firebird Echinacea plant.

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Green Jewel Echinacea Plant

Price $14.45

Our 'Green Jewel' Echinacea Plant is one of the most remarkable Coneflower plants that you will probably ever see. As well as 'Green Jewel' it could be called 'Luck-Of-The-Irish'. A large, flattened, round cone supports double rows of daisy like petals that are a complementary shade of green, remaining so throughout the entire season; these blossoms will not fade and will last 2 weeks in a cut flower arrangement. Stunning is only one of the words used to describe this 4 inch blossom. That it will attract the interest of your neighbors, as well as bees, butterflies and birds, is a foregone conclusion. Each 3-inch pot contains one Green Jewel Echinacea plant.

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Hot Papaya Echinacea Plant

Price $13.25

The 'Hot Papaya' Echinacea Plant is the first-ever double orange Coneflower. Hot! Hot! Hot! is the only description that fits! The blooms emerge a bright, almost fluorescent orange with a double, reddish-orange pompom on top. The center of the pompom sports a papaya-colored eye that expands as it matures. This is a truly original specimen and one that is sure to become a garden favorite! Each 3-inch pot contains one Hot Papaya Echinacea plant.

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Hot Summer Echinacea Plant

Price $13.25

The 'Hot Summer' Echinacea Plant has become a favorite Coneflower due to its chameleon-like color changes. The blossoms on this plant open a bright, sunny yellow, changing to brilliant scarlet as the bloom matures. The result is a veritable collage of multi-colored flowers that harmonize beautifully, sometimes all on the same plant at the same time! You will absolutely love it! Each 3-inch pot contains one Hot Summer Echinacea plant.

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Milkshake Echinacea Plant

Price $13.25

The 'Milkshake' Echinacea Plant, based on the rave reviews coming in, is the best, fully double, white Coneflower that you, or your friends, will ever lay eyes on. The pompom on top grows to amazing proportions as the Shasta-white petals just seem to exist to showcase the fluffy cone and bright yellow-orange eye. Rumor also has it that these blooms just don’t seem to fade. They remain beautiful throughout the whole growing season, prompting some misguided accusations of gardeners displaying fake flowers! Each 3-inch pot contains one Milkshake Echinacea plant.

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Now Cheesier Echinacea Plant

Price $14.45

You may be wondering what the 'Now Cheesier' Echinacea Plant is "cheesier" than. Well, this Coneflower is the sequel to Mac n' Cheese, offered by the same grower, Terra Nova Nurseries. As you might have guessed, the striking cheddar color is a tad more intense, only fading slightly towards the end of the season. The hefty, orangey-green cone is button-shaped and the foliage is strong, bushy and well-branched. Orange isn’t just for fall anymore—cut this beauty and add to your mixed summer vases. Each 3-inch pot contains one Now Cheesier Echinacea plant.

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Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinacea Plant

Price $7.75

The 'Pow Wow Wild Berry' Echinacea Plant has got the perfect name! Pow! and Wow! are the absolute perfect adjectives for this amazing Coneflower! An All-America Selections (AAS) winner for 2010, this one is a knock-out! The notched, deeply veined petals are an incredible neon-pink and lilac in a remarkably deep shade. The button-shaped cone is dark burgundy, though barely noticeable against this brilliant color. Each 3-inch pot contains one Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinacea plant.

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Secret Passion Echinacea Plant

Price $14.45

Our 'Secret™ Passion' Echinacea Plant is easy to be passionate about. A flamingo-pink double cone is surrounded by deeply veined petals that are just slightly lighter, the whole of which is a combination sure to make you smile. Even someone who doesn’t necessarily care for pink will be passionate about this Coneflower! Each 3-inch pot contains one Secret Passion Echinacea plant.

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Tangerine Dream Echinacea Plant

Price $14.45

The 'Tangerine Dream' Echinacea Plant is most impressive with its consistently bountiful 4 inch blooms with wide petal rays overlapping each other, showing off to perfection the perfect tangerine color. The color holds well throughout the blooming season and the scent is that of warm honey. This Coneflower is a must-have due to its numerous, branching, strong, upright stems that make it the ultimate cut flower and because it looks stunningly gorgeous planted en masse or in a mixed planting. Each 3-inch pot contains one Tangerine Dream Echinacea plant.