Coreopsis Plants

Coreopsis Plants produce daisy-like flowers that are prized for their dependable nature and colorful blooms. Their bright and cheery blossoms are a favorite of many species of butterflies.

Coreopsis, pronounced ko-ree-OP-siss, also commonly called Tickseed, flowers all summer and into the fall. Deadheading encourages even more prolific blooming. The foliage mostly is green, and fern-like. Their drought-tolerant (Xeriscape) nature makes it a great plant for container gardens or near the road or mailbox where it won't get watered every day. Plants look their best when planted in groups of 4 to 5 plants. They should be divided every 4 years or so to keep the bed fresh and healthy looking.

All of our Coreopsis Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Big Bang Full Moon Coreopsis Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Big Bang™ Full Moon' Coreopsis Plant is the result of eight years of intensive breeding with eight different species of Tickseed, and is the first plant released in the Big Bang Series. A very showy hybrid, Full Moon displays masses of 3 inch luminous yellow, finely cut blossoms atop foliage that is airy, well-branched, bushy and the perfect shade of green to highlight the canary-yellow blooms. Blooming from mid-summer into early fall, our Full Moon Tickseed puts on a show that you will never grow tired of! Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Bang Full Moon Coreopsis plant.

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Big Bang Red Shift Coreopsis Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Big Bang™ Red Shift' Coreopsis Plant produces daisy-shaped flowers veined into thin fingerling petals of graduated length, producing a delicately scalloped edge. Red Shift is so-named because the blossoms range in color from a sunny yellow with red surrounding the golden center, to a flower that can be a solid ruby-red as the weather cools. What a fantastic Tickseed specimen to provide changing color throughout the growing season! Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Bang Red Shift Coreopsis plant.

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Garnet Coreopsis Plant

Price $6.65

Our 'Garnet' Coreopsis Plant is one of the Jewel Series of coreopsis from Terra Nova Nurseries, a sibling to citrine, though they hardly resemble each other. Garnet’s petals appear to be shorter, as the deeply colored halo surrounding the eye can actually look like a larger-than-average eye, giving the appearance of shorter and fatter pink petals surrounding it. This optical illusion is what makes Garnet such a joy to grow, as it also adds incredible architectural interest, adding depth where it actually doesn’t exist. Yep, it’s a jewel all right! Each 3-inch pot contains one Garnet Coreopsis plant.

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Ruby Frost Coreopsis Plant

Price $6.30

The 'Ruby Frost' Coreopsis Plant is a startling color breakthrough. The brilliant red corolla of this large Tickseed blossom extends almost all the way out to the edge with just a thin edge of creamy white frosting the tips and sides of each petal. Each petal will be somewhat different from the one bordering it, some being more thoroughly "frosted" than others. This is having your cake frosting and eating it, too! Each 3-inch pot contains one Ruby Frost Coreopsis plant.