Coleus Plants

Coleus Plants, sometimes referred to as Painted Nettle, are generally grown for their varied and variegated colorful foliage in every color of the rainbow, and in some cases, colors you will definitely not find in any rainbow. 

Coleus, pronounced KOE-lee-us, may be grown in the garden, in containers and as house plants. Many coleus plants prefer partial shade, though some of the newer hybrids will tolerate full sun well. Coleus should be kept well watered, especially in sunny areas, and planted in soil with good drainage; plants suffering from "wet feet" may be stunted.

Pinch growing shoots of young plants frequently to encourage and maintain denser foliage growth. The flowers should also be promptly pinched; once they go to seed, the coleus thinks "my life is complete" and will die out, even in zones where coleus is grown as a perennial. To encourage a mid-summer growth spurt, fertilize in June, July, and August with a liquid fertilizer. Read our article, How to Grow Coleus Plants for detailed growing instructions.

All of our Coleus Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule.

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Alabama Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Alabama' Coleus Plant—also known as Bellingrath Pink, Texas Parking Lot and Shocking Pink—is an old favorite Painted Nettle, known to have an exceptional tolerance for full sunlight. The vibrant red leaves have a thin yellow margin, a golden lining, if you will. Our Alabama Painted Nettle is a vegetative, or sterile, coleus that blooms little and requires minimal maintenance. Each 3-inch pot contains one Alabama Coleus plant.

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Beauty of Lyon Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Beauty of Lyon' Coleus Plant is also known as Flame Thrower Painted Nettle. This lively-looking coleus has scalloped-edges and sharply defined leaves of purple–maroon and orange with a lime-green outside margin. Growing well in partial shade or dappled sunlight, this medium intensity grower has a pleasing upright habit. Each 3-inch pot contains one Beauty of Lyon Coleus plant.

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Black Dragon Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Black Dragon' Coleus Plant is more shade-loving than most, having remarkable color even when the sunshine is limited. The unique leaves on this Painted Nettle are beautifully scalloped, ruffled and corrugated for fantastic texture. The color is almost self-explanatory: deep purplish-black margins surround a center that ranges in color from dark maroon to bright scarlet red, looking similar to a black dragon’s maw. This coleus will add texture, interest and color to mixed garden and container plantings. Each 3-inch pot contains one Black Dragon Coleus plant.

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Chocolate Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Chocolate' Coleus Plant is stunning from the very first leaf that sprouts from the seed, though you get the pleasure of planting a growing, thriving plant that is already "mature" beyond its age! Its velvety leaves are scalloped from the moment they unfurl. Emerging a vivid burgundy wine, the foliage, like fine wine, gets better with age, maturing gracefully to a rich, chocolaty purple. Our Dark Chocolate Painted Nettle retains its color, even in full sun, as long as its thirst is sated. Each 3-inch pot contains one Chocolate Coleus plant.

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ColorBlaze Dipt in Wine Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

Our 'ColorBlaze Dipt in Wine' Coleus Plant is arguably one of the most richly colored coleus plants on the market. Depending upon the amount of sunlight, the leaves will be light-infused gold to bright green with a velvety-looking, fantastically opulent burgundy coating. Then, along each delicately scalloped edge, a fine golden lining. Each 3-inch pot contains one ColorBlaze Dipt in Wine Coleus plant.

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Dark Star Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Dark Star' Coleus Plant is the darkest of all the black coleuses. Thriving in partial shade, our Dark Star Painted Nettle has deep purple, scalloped-edged, rounded leaves growing on a tidy and compact plant. Slow-growing but mightily sturdy, this coleus performs well in containers or beds. Each 3-inch pot contains one Dark Star Coleus plant.

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Gold Lace Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

Our 'Gold Lace' Coleus Plant has foliage that emerges a brilliant yellowy-chartreuse, rimmed and veined in burgundy, then maturing to a mellow gold with very striking rich red midribs and veins. The effect on the eyes is a collage of color that is simply gorgeous and heart-warming. Plant Gold Lace Painted Nettle in front of dark red flowers like the Carolina Deep Velvet Verbena plant or Fireworks Pennisetum ornamental grass for a most striking and colorful display, year round. Each 3-inch pot contains one Gold Lace Coleus plant. Sold Out For The Season

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Hot Lava Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Hot Lava' Coleus Plant is liable to bring the fire department running to your home. The fiery red foliage seems to come alive with the combination of serration and ruffled edges and the intense color combinations of deep pink, red and orange. Add to that the chocolate splotches throughout and this is one hot number. This vividly-colored Painted Nettle will add hot pizzazz to your beds or mixed container plantings! Each 3-inch pot contains one Hot Lava Coleus plant.

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Kingswood Torch Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

Our 'Kingswood Torch' Coleus Plant has brilliant magenta, sometimes orangey-magenta foliage, is widely variegated with rich burgundy-brown all throughout the summer and with scalloped leaves that are rimmed in bright chartreuse. No two leaves will be the same and the whole effect can be quite breathtaking! Planted in a container, Kingswood Torch Painted Nettle will add drama and height. Each 3-inch pot contains one Kingswood Torch Coleus plant. Sold Out for the Season

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Mariposa Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Mariposa' Coleus Plant is most likely named due to its dramatic, vivid coloring, combined with its large, down-turning leaves. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish and this Painted Nettle certainly has the brilliant coloring and wing-like foliage that would make you think of butterflies. Our Mariposa coleus has wonderfully textured, royal purple leaves that give way to intensely pink, scalloped edges. These striking leaves are 6-8 inches long and tend to sweep towards the base of the plant. Pinch the blooms as they appear to maintain the very best color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Mariposa Coleus plant. Sold Out For The Season

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Pineapple Beauty Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The ‘Pineapple Beauty’ Coleus Plant is for those who like things natural and unregimented. Appearing completely abstract, it looks as if children were allowed to have their fill of fun with maroon paint. No two leaves will appear the same! Each vibrant, greenish-gold, finely serrated leaf appears to have been splashed with vivid maroon paint. We guarantee you will love this Painted Nettle! Each 3-inch pot contains one Pineapple Beauty Coleus plant.

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Red Planet Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

Named for the planet Mars, which is the fourth rock from the sun, the 'Red Planet' Coleus Plant displays deeply serrated and scalloped, pointy, velvety leaves that show off every color you might expect to find on Mars. In hues from purply-pink to the richest wine, and even with the occasional margin, leaf tip or almost whole leaf splashed with creamy sunspots, you never know quite what to expect from the Red Planet Painted Nettle. That's exactly why you'll want to grow this one! Each 3-inch pot contains one Red Planet Coleus plant.

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Silk Sunset Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Silk Sunset' Coleus Plant is one of the more ostentatious colors of coleus. Emerging a beautiful spring green, the leaves first sport a rosy tip and slender rich pink margins on serrated baby leaves. As it matures, the foliage on this Painted Nettle seems to outgrow its color. The green thins out, sometimes being replaced with bright baby pink, the whole leaf eventually becoming somewhat speckled and sometimes splashed in shades of green, pink and creamy white. You can no more guess what each leaf will look like than you can guess the colors of tomorrow’s sunset! Each 3-inch pot contains one Silk Sunset Coleus plant.

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Tapestry Coleus Plant

Price $5.20

The ‘Tapestry’ Coleus Plant is one of the more vibrant and vividly colored Painted Nettles, having clearly defined patterns, just as on a finely woven tapestry. The edges of each pointed leaf are decorated with mottled medium green and burgundy scallops, the central portion along the midrib of each leaf being absent of the darker decoration, instead displaying a wonderfully bright pink following the leaf’s natural venation, creating a mosaic-type patterning. The pink spreads as the leaf ages, mellowing to a lighter pink, and almost erasing the burgundy, creating a most pleasing, multi-pink-shaded spectacle. Each 3-inch pot contains one Tapestry Coleus plant.