Bougainvillea Plants

Bougainvillea plants produce vibrant colors on special leaves called bracts, which change color while maturing. This woody, climbing vine is grown as an annual in all zones except for 9b and 10, where it is grows as a perennial.

Bougainvillea, pronounced boo-gan-VEEL-yee-uh, is beautiful when grown in containers, hanging baskets, along fence lines or on walls. Although it is frost-sensitive, it can be brought inside during the winter months and grown as a house plant. Plants are drought resistant and perform beautifully in low water landscaping (xeriscape). For detailed growing instructions, read our blog article; How to Grow Bougainvillea Plants.

All of our Bougainvillea Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Barbara Karst Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

The 'Barbara Karst' Bougainvillea Plant produces vibrant pink flowers. They will fade and eventually turn to a pale blue if sunlight is not available for an extended period of time. Our Barbara Karst Paper Flower grows best on trellises; however, she performs nicely in hanging baskets or containers as well and is nicely salt tolerant for our coastal gardeners. Each 3-inch pot contains one Barbara Karst Bougainvillea plant.

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Bengal Orange Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.10

The 'Bengal Orange' Bougainvillea Plant is a most unusual color that appears more pink from a distance, and more tangerine-colored the closer you are. Petite white flowers are embraced by the colorful bracts on this fragrant tropical. Both inland and coastal gardeners can enjoy this salt-tolerant beauty. Our Bengal Orange Paper Flower blossoms contrasted against the heavily variegated cream and green leaves combine to provide you a kaleidoscope of gorgeous color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Bengal Orange Bougainvillea plant. Temporarily Sold Out

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California Gold Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

Our 'California Gold' Bougainvillea Plant produces flowers that change from pale gold to orangey-bronze as they emerge and then mature. The California Gold Paper Flower is extremely heat tolerant, even in the desert southwest, and is salt tolerant for our coastal growers. California Gold will remain an evergreen in frost-free zones. Each 3-inch pot contains one California Gold Bougainvillea plant.

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Imperial Thai Delight Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

The 'Imperial Thai Delight' Bougainvillea Plant produces vibrant pink and magenta blossoms. As with most varieties of Paper Flowers, caution should be used when handling, as they produce sharp spines on their vines. Our salt-tolerant Imperial Thai Delight grows best on trellises, but it looks just as pretty in hanging baskets or containers. Each 3-inch pot contains one Imperial Thai Delight Bougainvillea plant.

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Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

The 'Juanita Hatten' Bougainvillea Plant seems to shout, "Look at me!" From the hot, hot, hot fuchsia-colored, cascading blossoms to the backdrop of unusual gold-spattered leaves, the Juanita Hatten Paper Flower plant is something special. Just imagine a hill, wall or arbor covered with masses of these salt-tolerant, fiery pink blooms. A knockout! Each 3-inch pot contains one Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea plant.

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Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

Our 'Raspberry Ice' Bougainvillea Plant is one of the most vigorous variegated cultivars in our collection. Vivid crimson floral bracts are contrasted against striking green leaves edged in creamy white. The salt-tolerant Raspberry Ice Paper Flower looks equally beautiful when growing on a trellis or cascading from a hanging basket. Group your hanging containers for the ultimate visual impact! Each 3-inch pot contains one Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea plant.

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Royal Purple Bougainvillea Plant

Price $8.05

The 'Royal Purple' Bougainvillea Plant produces loads of pinkish-purple to deep magenta blossoms with the "true" flower being the diminutive white blossoms in the center. You can train this Paper Flower to climb or plant it along the top of a retaining wall for "flowing" beauty. In frost-free zones you can look forward to rich greenery all year long, while our coastal gardeners enjoy its exceptional salt tolerance. Each 3-inch pot contains one Royal Purple Bougainvillea plant.