Baptisia Plants

The Baptisia plant is a flowering perennial that produces flowers on upright, sturdy stalks. It can be used either fresh or dried in arrangements. It is a butterfly attracting plant while deer avoid it.

Baptisia, pronounced bap-TIZZ-ee-uh, is more commonly called False Indigo or Wild Indigo and starts its growth cycle with 'asparagus-like' growth that rapidly matures into attractive mounds of bluish-green three-lobed leaves. Never intrusive, Baptisia maintains its manicured, rounded growing habit with appealing foliage year-round. Its blooms appear from mid to late spring, giving way to 2 to 3-inch long eye-catching, black seed pods. It has no serious pest problems or diseases

All of our Baptisia Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Australis Baptisia Plant

Price $6.65

The 'Australis' Baptisia Plant is an excellent choice for sunny garden spots, regardless where you live. Happy in just about any type of soil, this Wild Indigo, once established, is both drought resistant and moisture tolerant. The long flower spikes, decked out in shades of violet-blue, are equally attractive as fresh cuttings or dried for more lasting arrangements. You really cant go wrong. Our Australis Wild Indigo was the 2010 PPAs (Perennial Plant Association) Plant of the Year! Each 3-inch pot contains one Australis Baptisia plant.

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Purple Smoke Baptisia Plant

Price $7.70

Our 'Purple Smoke' Baptisia Plant is a really nice addition to the Baptisia family, these silvery-lavender-colored, lupine-like flowers rising above the smooth, blue-grey foliage on slender stems that support wispy clouds of blossoms. Fairly tall, grow this wild indigo as a focal point, as part of a perennial back border or as a naturalized, tall ground cover. Salt tolerant and deer resistant, this versatile perennial can be used fresh or dried in cut arrangements and attracts butterflies in the spring and summer while providing architectural interest, even into the winter months. Each 3-inch pot contains one Purple Smoke Baptisia plant.