Agastache Plants

Agastache Plants produce fragrant, long-lasting flowering spikes that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to your yard.

Agastache, pronounced ah-gah-STOCK-ee, are commonly called Hyssop and Hummingbird Mint. Not only are these plants extremely heat and drought tolerant, but they can also withstand stiff winds and heavy rain. They are often grown as annuals in northern zones. For complete growing instructions, read our How to Grow Agastache Plants article.

All of our Agastache Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Black Adder Agastache Plant

Price $5.80

The 'Black Adder' Agastache Plant features 4 inch deep purple spikes on top of brilliant green foliage. The violet-blue buds will be in bloom and giving off a wonderful, licorice scent from late summer until the first frost. Early pinching will keep this plant compact. Black Adder Hyssop plants do not tolerate wet soil, this trait making them more drought tolerant than other Agastache plants. This Hummingbird Mint is also a sterile plant so it will not self-sow. It is deer resistant and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its beautiful blooms and delicious scent. Each 3-inch pot contains one Black Adder Agastache plant.

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Blue Fortune Agastache Plant

Price $5.80

The 'Blue Fortune' Agastache Plant features 4 inch lavender-blue spikes on top of beautiful green foliage. Its blooms give off a minty fragrance, the reason for its also being called Hummingbird Mint, being highly attractive to both hummingbirds and butterflies. Early pinching will keep the plant compact and improve branching. Blue Fortune Hyssop plants are more tolerant of cold temperatures and wet soil than other agastache varieties. The flavorful and fragrant leaves are often used in potpourris and to flavor drinks. Each 3-inch pot contains one Blue Fortune Agastache plant.

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Cotton Candy Agastache Plant

Price $7.70

The 'Cotton Candy' Agastache Plant produces dense flower spikes of frilly, light pink flowers with more darkly colored calyces that makes for an absolutely stunning two-toned display. This Hummingbird Mint looks remarkably like fluffy pink cotton candy; reviving pleasant childhood memories for some and creating a craving for that summer delicacy in others. Who knew a simple Hyssop plant could do that? Each 3-inch pot contains one Cotton Candy Agastache plant.

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Summer Raspberry Agastache Plant

Price $7.70

The 'Summer Raspberry' Agastache Plant; its name alone evokes a memory of red summer raspberries, automatically bringing to mind the exact color that graces this variety of Hummingbird Mint. The Summer Raspberry Hyssop plant is wonderfully fragrant and would be a spectacular addition to your cutting garden. Each 3-inch pot contains one Summer Raspberry Agastache plant.