Ornamental Pepper Plants

Ornamental pepper plants are usually either grown indoors in a sunny spot or in outdoor containers while the weather allows. In more temperate climates they will often be planted in garden beds. Grown due to their unique, miniature nature, but also for their culinary uses, the peppers on these plants are definitely edible and will have differing levels of heat. Ornamental peppers are used whole to add color and spice to home-preserved pickles, green beans, and seasoned vinegars. Whole peppers can be tossed onto a mixed salad to add color, and can be easily picked out by diners who prefer no heat.

As with regular garden peppers, ornamental peppers like to be kept warm and are susceptible to frost. They prefer consistently damp soil—but take care not to overwater. Depending upon your personal tastes, you can pinch new growth to encourage the plant to branch out and become bushier, or you can let it grow naturally. Its true habit is somewhat rambling. Some people will also grow ornamental peppers for their flowers, rather than their fruit. Removing the fruit as it starts to develop will encourage your plants to continue flowering.

All of our Ornamental Pepper Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper Plant

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The 'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper Plant is all about the purplish-black leaves and the black pearl fruit. The leaves, when they first emerge, will be green, turning that dark, purple-black color in the sun. The flowers on this ornamental pepper plant will be lilac, with dark, glossy, pearl-sized peppers emerging in the fall. An All-America Selections® Award winner for 2006, a transformation takes place as the black pearls mature to red, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If using in the kitchen, use with care—these little bites are hot! Each 3-inch pot contains one Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper plant.

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Chilly Chili Ornamental Pepper Plant

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The 'Chilly Chili' Ornamental Pepper Plant is by far one of the most colorful and interesting ornamental pepper plants. An All-America Selections® Award winner in 2002, the 2-2 1/2 inch long, straight, slender peppers grow straight upwards in greenish yellow, bright yellow, orange and dark red clusters, depending upon the stage of maturity. A kid-safe variety, the fruit is not hot, so can be used in both outdoor and indoor containers and anywhere in your landscaping amazing color or architectural interest is desired! Each 3-inch pot contains one Chilly Chili Ornamental Pepper plant. Sold Out For The Season

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Medusa Ornamental Pepper Plant

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The 'Medusa' Ornamental Pepper Plant is a dwarf variety with long, slender peppers that often twist and curl, kind of like Medusa’s hair. Often called the Christmas Pepper, Medusa is most often used as a container plant, though those in very temperate climates may use this variety as a border plant. Dark green foliage supports the upright growing peppers that mature from ivory to orange to red. Not hot at all, you can plant these where the kids play and use them as colorful garnish for salads or canned goods. Each 3-inch pot contains one Medusa Ornamental Pepper plant. Sold Out For The Season