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Nutralime Pellitized Lime, 40-lb. Bag

Nutralime Pellitized Lime, 40-lb. Bag
Nutralime Pellitized Lime, 40-lb. Bag
SKU: EN-GL-77.287-22
Optimize your lawn or garden’s growing conditions with Nutralime Pelletized Limestone. This product dissolves instantly to correct overly acidic soil and will also provide your soil with essential elements such as calcium and magnesium. Dust free, non-toxic, and easy to apply, this 40 lb. bag will cover up to 4000 square feet.
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Product Details

Hi-Cal Nutralime Limestone

Calcium (Ca) 30%
Magnesium (Mg) 4%
Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) 92%
Moisture <1%
Binder <2%
SGN 240
Density 70 lbs per cubic foot
Product minus 60 mesh (before pelletizing) 85%
Product minus 100 mesh (before pelletizing) 70%

Tonnage to square foot conversion rate for Hi-Cal Lime

  • 1-ton = 0.046-lbs per square foot
  • 2-ton = 0.092-lbs per square foot
  • 3-ton = 0.138-lbs per square foot
  • 4-ton = 0.184-lbs per square foot

Multiplying your garden width by length gives you your square footage.

Example: your garden measures 30 feet wide by 40 feet long. 30 X 40 = 1,200 square feet. Now if you want to apply Nutralime at 1-tone, you take 1200 X 0.046, which would equal 55.2-lbs.
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