Jobe's Flowering Plant Spikes—30 Pack

SKU: EN-JB-05212
The Flowering Plant Spikes are specially formulated for flowering plants. 30 spikes per pack. Analysis: 10-10-4 More details...
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Jobe's Flowering Plant Spikes—30 Pack
Jobe's Flowering Plant Spikes—30 Pack
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Jobe's Flowering Plant Spikes--30 Pack

For a 4-inch plant place 2 spikes about 2-inches away form the main stem on each side of the plant. Push into the dirt until even with the top of the soil. For best results, water after placing the spike(s) and insert new flowering plant spikes every 60 days. For every 2-inch larger plant add 1 additional Jobe's Flowering Plant Spike, increasing the distance from the main stem to half the plant's diameter, but never closer than 2-inches.

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