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HyR BRIX Vegetable Fertilizer, 5-lb. Bag

HyR BRIX Vegetable Fertilizer, 5-lb. Bag
HyR BRIX Vegetable Fertilizer, 5-lb. Bag
HyR BRIX® Vegetable Fertilizer, 4-7-9, can be applied ONCE for season-long feeding. It contains all the slow-release, water-soluble nutrients and micro-nutrients needed for quick energy, sustained growth and overall soil improvement. Its naturally-mined trace elements and ocean minerals will not harm the soil, while greatly enhancing garden production, even improving the flavor of your produce. One 5-lb bag will cover 125 sq. feet. Sold Out
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HyR BRIX Vegetable Fertilizer 4-7-9, 5-lb. Bag

Recommended Rates of Application for HyR Brix Vegetable Fertilizer; apply once at the beginning of the season* at the rate of 10-lbs. per 100 foot row, or:
  • 1-TBSP per plant
  • 5-lbs for 125 sq. feet
  • 20-lbs for 500 sq. feet

*If planting in containers with bottom drainage, repeated applications may be necessary

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first time

"first time"

inez m on 6/3/2016 12:33:23 PM

Comment: i am glad that my trusted supplier is now using this product. i happened to pick this up at my local flower & garden show and forgot that i had it until just now. it must work, cause ghs is quite knowledgeable.