Grass Plants

Ornamental grass plants are architecturally and visually interesting, multi-tasking annuals or perennials. Grasses have season-long color, are easy to maintain,  and are relatively disease- and pest-free. They add structural interest to a landscape bed or garden area or can be a richly textured focal point in your yard. Ornamental grasses even look great in the ‘off season.’

Take care not to over-fertilize your ornamental grasses: too much fertilizer promotes excessive growth, which can cause the plant to become unmanageable and flop over rather than standing upright and proud. Grasses prefer a neutral to slightly acid pH, meaning they will grow in a wide number of areas. The pH of your soil is easy to determine with an inexpensive soil tester.

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Avalanche Calamagrostis Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Avalanche' Calamagrostis acutiflora Grass Plant, pronounced kal-ah-mah-GROS-tis ah-CUE-tih-flor-ah, is most commonly referred to as Avalanche Feather Reed Grass and is a variegated and therefore, more vivid variety of Karl Foerester Feather Reed Grass (shown below). Appearing a little brighter due to its wide white stripe down the center of each long, slender blade of grass, its plumes of flowers are purplish-green, turning creamy white as the season progresses. The upright, clump forming habit makes this an excellent ornamental for a living barrier or property line marker. Each 3-inch pot contains one Avalanche Calamagrostis plant.

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Karl Foerster Calamagrostis Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Karl Foerster' Calamagrostis acutiflora Grass plant is more simply called Feather Reed Grass and was named the 2001 Perennial Plant of the Year. ‘Karl Foerster’ has a really nice upright growth habit, its feathery plumes appearing in early summer and then maturing to warm, handsome wheat-colored seed heads by fall’s arrival. In the north, that gorgeous wheat color may show up as early as late spring and last all season long. Feather Reed Grass is somewhat drought tolerant and looks absolutely stunning when planted in groups of three to five plants and will not reseed. When paired with Russian Sage, the effect is quite dramatic! Each 3-inch pot contains one Karl Foerster Calamagrostis plant.

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Red Rooster Carex Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Red Rooster' Carex buchananii, pronounced bew-KAN-un-ee-eye, Grass plant is also referred to as Leatherleaf Sedge. Its narrow, coppery blades and graceful upright habit distinguish this unusual grass. Incorporated into a container or ornamental bed, it provides textural interest to complement both blooming plants and other foliage. Red Rooster Sedge is tolerant of almost any soil and makes an excellent bog plant. It looks superb even when covered in winter frosts. It is a low maintenance grass and is generally free from most disease. It has bright red seed heads to add interest late in the season. Each 3-inch pot contains one Red Rooster Carex plant.

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Blue Bayou Cortaderia selloana Grass Plant

Price $11.90

Our 'Blue Bayou' Cortaderia selloana Grass Plant, pronounced kor-tuh-DEER-ee-uh sel-loe-AY-nuh, is a Pampas grass, also sometimes called Feather Dusters, for obvious reasons. Bearing very noticeable and distinctive off-white plumes in late summer, the foliage is remarkably pretty year round. Slender, delicate-looking fronds will move with the barest breeze, calling attention to the attractive blue-green color with silvery undersides. Adding stunning architectural interest to your landscape, the creamy-colored plumes are dramatic in fresh arrangements, while the golden dried plumes stay 'forever beautiful' in your dried arrangements. This drought-tolerant, dramatic-looking ornamental grass is ideal for xeriscaping and has exceptional salt tolerance. Each 3-inch pot contains one Blue Bayou Cortaderia selloana Grass plant.

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Alternifolius Cyperus Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Alternifolius' Cyperus involucratus, pronounced sye-PEER-us in-vol-yoo-KRAY-tus, Grass plant is more commonly called Umbrella Flat Sedge, Umbrella Plant or Umbrella Sedge. This ornamental grass produces long-leafed "petals", looking quite similar to an umbrella’s ribs, that grow atop straight, leafless stems. Tiny yellowy-green flowers bloom on top of the clumps from summer through fall. It is a good choice for containers and will grow well indoors with good filtered light and plenty of humidity. Its favorite use is as an accent specimen in garden areas, especially around water. In fact, our coastal growers enjoy its moderate tolerance to salt, planting it where it enjoys a bit of protection from direct salt spray with fantastic results! Each 3-inch pot contains one Alternifolius Cyperus Grass plant.

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Ravenna Grass Erianthus Plant

Price $5.80

The 'Ravenna' Erianthus ravennae, pronounced ehr-ee-AN-thuss ra-VEN-nay, Grass plant is most commonly called Plume Grass or Pampas Grass. One of the largest and most popular ornamental grasses, its arching style with tall vertical plumes on hardy stems is easily recognizable, much prized and easy to grow. Grayish-green blades change to shades of tan, purple and beige as the summer season turns to fall. The plumes bloom silvery with a hint of purple at the top, fading to white in the fall and even the dried brown stalks are impressive against a backdrop of snow or evergreens. The plumes are often used fresh or dried for dramatic flower arrangements. Each 3-inch pot contains one Ravenna Erianthus Grass plant.

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Purpurascens Miscanthus Plant

Price $6.20

The 'Purpurascens' Miscanthus sinensis (pronounced mis-KAN-thus sin-EN-sis) Grass Plant is also called Purple Maiden Grass or Flame Grass, This Miscanthus variety has grayish-green, gracefully arching leaf blades washed in maroon all season long, putting on vivid hues of red and orange color in the fall. The plumes are wheat-like and creamy white with a tinge of magenta until they turn into stunning silky white panicles as winter approaches. Moderately salt tolerant, our coastal gardeners enjoy its singular beauty as well. Each 3-inch pot contains one Purpurascens Miscanthus Grass plant.

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Zebrinus Miscanthus Plant

Price $7.00

The 'Zebrinus' Miscanthus sinensis Grass Plant is also more commonly known as Zebra Grass. Seeming to be haphazardly placed, horizontal bands of creamy yellow, on spiky, luscious green, grass-like blades seem to glow in the sun’s light. You should see them growing in sunny coastal areas where our gardeners enjoy their moderate tolerance to salt. The irregularly positioned, glowing marks are a quite conspicuous backdrop to the pinkish-copper plumes that emerge in late summer to early fall. As the temperatures cool, those plumes will change to white, standing upright above the gracefully bowing foliage. Each 3-inch pot contains one Zebrinus Miscanthus Grass plant.

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Shenandoah Panicum Plant

Price $6.00

The 'Shenandoah' Panicum virgatum Grass Plant is also referred to as Red Switchgrass. This variety is the ultimate red Panicum, sometimes being mistaken for Japanese Blood Grass. Its cascading foliage displays its brilliant reddish-purple color on its tips by June, and then comes into its full glory in the fall when the color deepens to a spectacular burgundy, interspersed with other shades of red and orange. Shenandoah appreciates regular deep watering, but is also moderately drought-tolerant, so will survive dry summers. It is also slightly salt tolerant for our coastal friends. Each 3-inch pot contains one Shenandoah Panicum Grass plant.

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Switchgrass Panicum Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Switchgrass' Panicum virgatum Grass Plant is more commonly called Wand Panic Grass. This Switchgrass is a more deeply rooted variety with bright green leaves throughout the spring and summer, changing to vibrant yellow in the fall and lasting throughout the winter. Attractive reddish-purple lacy seed sprays rise above the fronds from about August to November. Birds will be regular visitors to your Panicum come late fall and until the seeds have been stripped. Quail, if you are lucky enough to live where they do, will enjoy foraging on the ground for what other birds have dropped. This is a native clumping prairie grass that is highly adaptable to various growing conditions, is slightly tolerant of salty environs and will adapt well to poor draining soil. Each 3-inch pot contains one Switchgrass Panicum Grass plant.

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Fireworks Pennisetum Plant

Price $8.50

The 'Fireworks' Pennisetum x advena Grass Plant is also known as Variegated Purple Fountain Grass and though not quite as hardy as many of the ornamental grasses, it possesses a 'Wow' Factor unlike any other and still exhibits the moderate salt tolerance our coastal gardeners appreciate. Many gardeners move this one inside for the winter. It will go dormant and doesn’t need much light or water to survive. The variegated blades have longitudinal stripes that go from reddish-green to burgundy with white to hot pink margins. Slender pale red plumes appear in early summer, changing to purple as temperatures cool and sometimes lingering until the first frost. Each 3-inch pot contains one Fireworks Pennisetum Grass plant.

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Rubrum Purple Fountain Pennisetum Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Rubrum Purple Fountain' Pennisetum x advena Grass Plant is most commonly called Purple Fountain Grass and makes a great focal point in beds, borders and large container gardens with its deep burgundy-red leaves, stems and feathery flower plumes. The feathery inflorescences are 12- inches long and occur from early summer to frost. This ornamental grass is a perfect contrast next to green or yellow foliage and pink or red flowers and also lends itself well to mass plantings. Our coastal gardeners rave about its moderate salt tolerance and enduring beauty. Each 3-inch pot contains one Rubrum Purple Fountain Pennisetum Grass plant.

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Pony Tails Stipo Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Pony Tails' Stipo tenuissima, pronounced STYE-puh ten-you-ISS-ih-muh, more commonly referred to as Feather Grass, is deserving of its name, especially when the ‘tails’ are waving in a mild breeze, just as a pony’s tail flutters out behind it as it runs. Highly ornamental and ever graceful, the dense clumps of bright green leaves are topped by soft, wispy plumes all summer long. The plumes change from greenish-white to a wheaty-buff color as the season progresses. Each 3-inch pot contains one Pony Tails Stipo Grass plant.

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Amazon Mist Carex Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Amazon Mist' Carex comans, pronounced KARE-ex KOE-manz, Grass plant is a compact ornamental grass plant that is also called Sedge Grass, Curled Sedge or Switch Grass. Native to New Zealand, and though it resembles an ornamental grass, sedge grasses are in a different family and therefore have different attributes. Amazon Mist is tolerant of both full and partial sun and also thrives in moist to almost wet environments. In warmer climates the foliage is evergreen, while it is a perennial in colder climates, turning brown and going dormant in late fall. The slender leaves are bluish-green on the top side and silvery white on the underside, each one twisting upon itself at the tips which makes the plant look somewhat "misty", hence the name. Tiny yellow flowers rise on wispy stems in midsummer. Very eye-catching in containers or planted along a retaining wall and allowing the "fountain" to overflow! Each 3-inch pot contains one Amazon Mist Carex plant. Sold Out

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Prairie Fire Carex Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Prairie Fire' Carex testacea Grass Plant, commonly called Orange New Zealand Sedge, has attractive green/bronze foliage that erupts into a gorgeous red color resembling burning embers. It is excellent for attractive borders and for adding color to any bed. Cut back foliage the following spring to encourage new colored grass each year. Each 3-inch pot contains one Prairie Fire Carex plant. Sold Out

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Isocladus Cyperus Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Isocladus' Cyperus Plant, commonly called Dwarf Papyrus, is one of the shortest ornamental grass plants we offer. It produces greenish-brown summer flowers and short needle-thin leaf-bracts bare (leafless) top stems. Grow in a pot and keep well watered or grow as a bog plant. Each 3-inch pot contains one Isocladus Cyperus Grass plant. Sold Out

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Blue Dune Elymus Plant

Price $6.00

The 'Blue Dune' Elymus arenarius, pronounced ELL-ih-muss ar-een-air-ee-us, Grass plant is most commonly referred to as Blue Lyme Grass. This tough plant is more heat tolerant that many other varieties, tolerant of dryer conditions and adapts very well to the salty conditions our coastal customers experience. Bright bluish-green blades seem to grow haphazardly, but this is the allure of this spreading ornamental grass. This is the perfect solution for erosion control on hillsides or in areas you wish to naturalize. Each 3-inch pot contains one Blue Dune Elymus Grass plant. Sold Out

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Elijah's Blue Festuca Plant

Price $5.50

This ornamental 'Elijah's Blue' Festuca glauca Grass Plant has amazing blue, spiky foliage that though it looks like colorful porcupine quills, will not hurt when you touch it. Light green flower plumes, with just a hint of purple, are not very showy but add about 4-6 inches of height during the blooming season, which then give way to buff-colored seed heads. Some gardeners love the look of the seed heads while some believe it detracts from the overall symmetry. Elijah’s Blue does not come back true from seed, so it is entirely up to you on whether or not to strip the seed heads when they appear. Each 3-inch pot contains one Elijah's Blue Festuca Grass plant. Sold Out

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Aureola Hakonechloa Plant

Price $7.90

The 'Aureola' Hakonechloa macra Grass Plant was named the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2009 by the Perennial Plant Association and is more commonly known as Japanese Forest or Hakone Grass. Though preferring moist conditions, it is highly adaptable to drier conditions and is one of the few ornamental grasses that will grow well in the shade. If you live in the north you may want to give it a little more sun exposure to bring out and maintain the signature golden color. That golden hue changes to pink and shades of red in the fall, adding color when other garden plants are fading to brown. Growing in clumps, this variegated grass develops a graceful, waterfall-type habit that is even more beautiful when the breezes blow. Each 3-inch pot contains one Aureola Hakonechloa Grass plant. Sold Out

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Live Wire Isolepis Plant

Price $5.00

The 'Live Wire' Isolepis ceruna, pronounced eye-soh-LEP-is SER-new-a is commonly called Fiberoptic Grass and is definitely not your run-of-the-mill kind of ornamental grass plant. It has long, willowy, slender green stems that bear very minute, grain-of-rice-sized, silvery-white blossoms at the tips that amazingly look like tiny fiber optic lights. Live Wire Grass forms a very dense, billowing mound, the new leaves emerging upright from the center of the clump and then spilling down the mound as they elongate. Plant in a hanging basket or let it spill from a window box or over a rock wall for maximum "wow"! Each 3-inch pot contains one Live Wire Isolepis Grass plant. Sold Out

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Big Twister Juncus Plant

Price $5.00

The 'Big Twister' Juncus effusus Grass Plant, pronounced JUN-kus eh-FEW-sus, is sure to be a conversation starter, whether grown in a container or as part of a water-garden. You may have heard this variety referred to as Big Twister Common Rush. It is also called Twisted Rush and should not be confused with the Corkscrew Rush, which, by the way, has nothing over this ornamental when it comes to its ability to become a very interesting, if tangled, mess. Its fairly thick, medium-green foliage grows in every direction, except straight up, though the tendrils somehow manage to twist themselves into a resemblance of an upright plant. This deer-resistant perennial also doesn’t mind having wet feet and will, in fact, appreciate the protection of 1 to 6-inches of water over its crown in really hot and dry weather. If you don’t have a pond, buy this one for a container and put it where everyone can see it. You will lose count of the exclamations and comments you’ll receive! Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Twister Juncus Grass plant. Sold Out

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All Gold Hakonechloa macra Grass Plant

Price $7.90

Our 'All Gold' Hakonechloa macra Grass plant, pronounced hah-koe-neh-KLOE-uh MAY-kruh, is also referred to as Japanese Forest Grass. This dramatically colored, tidy and slow grower is extremely versatile in any landscape plan that includes shaded areas. Following a faithful and consistent watering schedule during the first season of growth will ensure a healthy, deep, root system, while its clumping habit looks best if you remove the old foliage before the new leaves make their appearance. Use All Gold Japanese Forest Grass as a ground cover or ornamental accent; dividing the clumps every two to three years in early spring will keep this ornamental grass looking fresh and beautiful. Each 3-inch pot contains one All Gold Hakonechloa macra Grass plant. Sold Out

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Heavy Metal Panicum Plant

Price $6.00

The 'Heavy Metal' Panicum virgatum Grass Plant, pronounced PAN-ih-kum veer-GAH-tum, is usually called Blue Switch Grass. One of the showier Panicums, this slightly salt-tolerant ornamental grass has vivid, bluish-purple foliage that has a slight waxy covering, giving it a metallic look. The upright blades stand stiffly and are topped by classy, waxy, airy silvery-white blossoms that appear in later summer and remain nice-looking deep into the fall. The seed heads turn deep wine-red in late fall as the foliage turns bright yellow. What a show! Each 3-inch pot contains one Heavy Metal Panicum Grass plant. Sold Out

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Rotstrahlbusch Panicum Plant

Price $6.00

The 'Rostrahlbusch' Panicum virgatum Grass Plant is most often referred to as Red Switch Grass. Rotstrahlbusch is the smallest of three Panicums that have red foliage, but has a more upright habit and slightly narrower leaves; it has red-tinged leaves throughout the season, putting on more intense red in the fall, and keeps its color through the winter. Rostrahlbusch has also stood the test of time, being the oldest of the Red Switch Grasses and will tolerate slightly salty soils and climates. Its more diminutive size makes it perfect for container plantings and for small garden applications, such as a Japanese style gardens. Its blossoms are pinkish-beige and present from July through February in some climates. Each 3-inch pot contains one Rotstrahlbusch Panicum Grass plant. Sold Out

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Cherry Sparkler Pennisetum Plant

Price $8.50

Our 'Cherry Sparkler' Pennisetum Plant is similar to 'Fireworks,' fountain grass, except Cherry Sparkler is more pastel in color. Its green and cream variegated spears take on a pinkish blush that varies in intensity, depending on sunlight conditions and temperature. It may appear purply-pink, while at other times it may be green, cream and pale pink. The showy burgundy-purple plumes dance above its pretty foliage on 3-foot stems. Our coastal gardeners are applauding its moderate tolerance to salt. Each 3-inch pot contains one Cherry Sparkler Pennisetum plant. Sold Out

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Dwarf Purple Fountain Pennisetum Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Dwarf Purple Fountain' Pennisetum setaceum Grass Plant is usually called Red Riding Hood or Dwarf Purple Fountain Grass and is an ornamental fountain grass with a coarser leaf texture and chocolate-purple plums which eventually fade to light brown. It is ideal for mixed container gardens to add height and texture and for small beds and borders. As it is deer resistant, pest and disease-free and moderately salt tolerant, this variety will also look and perform beautifully in mass plantings, even on the coast; the feathery plumes add nice texture, color and contrast. Each 3-inch pot contains one Dwarf Purple Fountain Pennisetum Grass plant. Sold Out

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Red Head Pennisetum Plant

Price $7.20

The 'Red Head' Pennisetum alopecuroides Grass Plant, pronounced al-oh-pek-yur-OH-id-eez, is also known as Redhead Fountain Grass. It is called 'Red Head' because this amazing Fountain Grass has the most gorgeous, enormous, soft plumes that are a light smoky-red. Blooming early in mid-to late summer, the plumes are great for cut flower arrangements if cut soon after they appear. These amazing plumes can be a 3–inches wide and can grow to be 8-10" long! When in full bloom, a single specimen or a mass planting is absolutely spectacular! Sold Out

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Strawberries and Cream Phalaris Plant

Price $5.50

The 'Strawberries and Cream' Phalaris arundinacea, pronounced FAL-uh-riss uh-run-dih-NAY-see-uh, Grass plant is also called Gardener’s Garters or Ribbon Grass. Its multi-colored, finely-textured leaves blush bright pink in the spring, turning white in the summer and often turning tan in the fall. Wheat-like plumes rise once again as tall as the base plant and are normally a pinky-beige color. This plant is great for naturalizing as it grows very fast-forming thick mats, spreading by underground rhizomes. It is often grown in a container to accent areas that are in between flowering or color production. Each 3-inch pot contains one Strawberries and Cream Phalaris Grass plant. Sold Out