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"It’s the last water hose you’ll ever buy." is the promise made by the Gilmour Group, an industry leader in gardening innovation.  That’s quite a statement, but one that Gilmour is standing by.  Their new generation of water hoses combines revolutionary, patented, 8-ply construction that is exceptionally rugged and able to resist the ravages of the hottest and coldest days of the year with the light weight and easy handling that is so important to professional and home gardeners.  These water hoses handle nicely in any weather, resisting kinking, twisting, abrasions, stains and mildew.  You can count on easy coiling and amazing flexibility, regardless the time of year.  And that unexpected first freeze won’t cause damage, as there is no need to store these hoses in the garage or shed for the winter! Gilmour is the leader in long-life performance, incorporating the innovation of Flexogen™ into every water hose that they sell!  These water hoses come with a Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty and is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.!

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Flexogen Hose by Gilmour, 5/8", 25-Foot

Price $25.99

The 25-Foot, 5/8-inch Flexogen Hose by Gilmour is the quality water hose that gardeners have been waiting for! The innovation of the Gilmour Group has created a garden hose with incredible strength and durability. Its patented 8-ply construction has resulted in one of the most light- weight, yet incredibly durable water hoses in the industry. Strong enough to hold the highest pressure on the hottest days, this water hose boasts a 500+ PSI burst strength. It is double tire- cord reinforced and its polished surface resists abrasions, stains, and mildew. The heavy-duty, crunch-resistant, Full-Flo® brass couplings also have built-in washers for tight sealing against leakage. The 25-Foot, 5/8-inch Flexogen Hose is proudly American-made!

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Flexogen Hose by Gilmour, 5/8”, 50-Foot

Price $39.99

The 50-Foot, 5/8-inch Flexogen Hose by Gilmour may best suit your needs; sometimes a 25-foot water hose just won’t do. When it comes to garden hoses, quality should be your first consideration. They are certainly something that you don’t want to replace every year! But, once you’ve chosen Gilmour water hoses for their outstanding quality and the fact that they’re American-made, you have to decide what length water hose is right for you. In fact, if you have a large yard or have limited exterior water sources, you may require a much longer water hose, or may decide that investing in two 25-foot water hoses will fill your needs better. When selecting a Gilmour hose, measure from the place where water is needed to the furthest point from your water source(s), and then decide what length hoses will work best for you. Gilmour is proudly made in the U.S.A.!

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Flexogen Hose by Gilmour, 5/8 Inch, 100-Foot

Price $84.99

To water a really big yard, the 100-foot, 5/8-inch Flexogen Hose by Gilmour is the choice our most avid gardening and landscaping customers make! In our busy lives, the less time it takes for yard maintenance, the better, and this 100-foot water hose reaches to its length without crimping, kinking or twisting, making your job that much easier. It also coils that much easier too, so whether coiling it by the water faucet or on a water hose reel, or even if you leave it stretched across the yard to the garden, you can rest assured that the American workers at Gilmour have taken your needs into consideration when it comes to use and quality. This garden water hose has it all!