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Gardeneer Kwik Grips Plant Ties

Gardeneer Kwik Grips Plant Ties
Gardeneer Kwik Grips Plant Ties
SKU: PS-SG25-12
Discontinued Gardeneer® Kwik Grips Plant Ties are the ultimate use of Velcro! Not only can you secure vines and branches, but you can use Kwik Grips Ties for securing wraps, covers, umbrellas, cords, hoses…whatever might need a quick wrap and tie. Reusable and durable enough to last year after year, it is soft enough to wrap your most delicate vines; its applications are only limited by your imagination. 1/2" x 25' continuous roll.
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Product Details

Gardeneer Kwik Grips Plant Ties are user-friendly and innovative:

  • Cut Kwik Grips to desired length. You can wrap as many times as necessary.
  • Easy to install, remove or move to another location, the durable hook and loop Velcro system allows you to reuse the same tie over and over again.
  • This multi-purpose wrap has literally thousands of uses around the home, in the garage and in the garden.
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Gardeneer Kwik Grips

"Gardeneer Kwik Grips"

Jessica S, on 4/5/2015 11:16:53 AM

Comment: I have used these for years to tie my clematis stems to the fence and for the tomatoes. I tie the tomatoes to bamboo sticks as they are growing in the pots and when they are first set out. I thought the price was very reasonable here. These ties can be used for multiple seasons.