Garden Lime

Garden lime is most commonly used to raise the pH of your soil, which means lowering the acidity, making it “sweeter”. Depending upon the types of plants that you grow, your soil, especially if it is clay, may be too acidic, resulting in less-than-optimal plant growth and appearance. High acidity can cause poor flowering, unhealthy looking foliage and low vegetable production for plants that don't enjoy that environment.

It is recommended that you separate the application of lime and all-purpose fertilizers by a period of at least several months. For example, apply lime in the fall in order to allow the changes to take place over the winter, and then fertilize in the spring. Lime is alkaline and fertilizer is acidic; they just don’t play well together. You can, however add organic matter or manure at the same time as lime, the fall or winter also being the ideal time.

We recommend testing your soil to determine its current pH prior to adding fertilizers, amendments or supplements. We have a full range of soil testers guaranteed to help you have the most beautiful flower gardens, the most productive vegetable gardens and the healthiest lawn, while providing only what is necessary for optimal soil health.

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Espoma Garden Lime—6.5-lb Bag

Price $4.40

Safer to use than hydrated lime, Organic Traditions™ Garden Lime by Espoma is the finest grade of pelletized, dolomite limestone available. Lime raises the Ph of your soil by lowering the acidic properties, allowing your plants to absorb essential nutrients easier.

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Hi-Yield Agricultural Limestone—6 lb. Bag

Price $4.70

Hi-Yield® Agricultural Limestone is used to “sweeten” your garden soil, changing its level of acidity. A dolomite limestone, this soil amendment contains magnesium, in addition to the calcium you will find in all other garden lime products. Calcium is necessary for plant cell health, while magnesium works with nitrogen for the production of chlorophyll, making the foliage of your plants a richer green color.

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Nutralime Pellitized Lime—40-lb. Bag

Price $8.95

Optimize your lawn or garden’s growing conditions with Nutralime Pelletized Limestone. This product dissolves instantly to correct overly acidic soil and will also provide your soil with essential elements such as calcium and magnesium. Dust free, non-toxic, and easy to apply, this 40 lb. bag will cover up to 4000 square feet.

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Espoma Organic Lightning Lime—30-lb. Bag

Price $21.85

Espoma Organic® Lighting Lime™ takes the waiting out of adjusting soil pH. Working in just 6 to 8 weeks, as opposed to waiting up to 14 months for other products to work, Lighting Lime is also formulated to be less dusty than traditional limestone products. Additionally, it goes a lot further—this 30-lb bag of Lightning Lime will cover up to 5,000 sq. feet for turf application, compared to ordinary, pelletized limestone that will typically cover up to just 1,000 sq. feet. Espoma Organic Lighting Lime is approved for organic gardening.