Abutilon Plants

Abutilon Plants produce lovely, bell-shaped flowers that make wonderful magnets for hummingbirds and butterflies. They are commonly called Flowering Maple or Chinese Bellflower.

Abutilon plants, pronounced ah-BEW-tih-lon, are very versatile. These annuals will bloom year-round if brought inside when it gets cold. Flowering Maple plants do best with monthly feedings of a liquid fertilizer. If the lower leaves start dropping, increase the feedings. Read our article How to Grow Abutilon Plants for detailed growing instructions.

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Chinese Lantern Abutilon Plant

Price $6.40

The 'Chinese Lantern' Abutilon Plant is also known as Chinese Lanterns 'Variegatum' and is one of the most unique flowering plants we carry. Originating in Brazil, you can just picture colorful parrots and love birds flying among these dazzling Chinese Bellflowers. Mottled gold and green leaves serve as the backdrop for buttery yellow petals that emerge from fire engine red calyxes. The sprawling habit benefits from regular pinching in order to keep its bushy contour. This Flowering Maple is definitely a conversation starter! Each 3-inch pot contains one Chinese Lantern Abutilon plant.

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Red Tiger Abutilon Plant

Price $6.40

Our 'Red Tiger' Abutilon Plant is one of the most striking Chinese Bellflowers on the market, having unique patterned yellow and red flowers set against solid green leaves. Just one look will have you hooked, and completely explains why Red Tiger is our best selling Flowering Maple. Each 3-inch pot contains one Red Tiger Abutilon plant.

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Souvenir de Bonne Abutilon Plant

Price $6.40

The 'Souvenir de Bonne' Abutilon Plant has unusual peach-colored flowers set against striking green foliage with creamy white undefined margins. This Chinese Bellflower is a departure from the norm, with its unique coloration and highly variegated leaves. It may take a closer look for your neighbors to believe this is actually a Flowering Maple! If you grow it; they will come! Each 3-inch pot contains one Souvenir de Bonne Abutilon plant.

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Variegated Abutilon Plant

Price $6.40

The 'Variegated' Abutilon Plant has heavily variegated foliage joyfully mottled in creamy yellow and spring-green. This Flowering Maple bears wonderful pastel-orange Chinese Bellflowers decorated with darker orange venation more concentrated within the throat. This color combination is fantastic! Each 3-inch pot contains one Variegated Abutilon plant.

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Yellow Bells Abutilon Plant

Price $6.40

The 'Yellow Bells' Abutilon Plant features striking, bell-shaped, 2 1/2-inch, buttery yellow flowers. As if to accent the mellow yellow coloration even more, the gathering of stamens and anthers on this Chinese Bellflower is a most pleasing shade of golden yellow. Our Yellow Bells Flowering Maple has attractive, shiny green foliage serving to even better accentuate the yellow of its blossoms. Gorgeous...and oh-so-yellow! Each 3-inch pot contains one Yellow Bells Abutilon plant.