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Fannie Moser Begonia Plant
Fannie Moser Begonia Plant
The Fannie Moser Begonia Plant features small white flowers that blush the palest pink atop leaves that are sharply ruffled. The foliage color is mostly dark sage-green on the upper side and vibrant cherry red on the underside, liberally spotted with fun white speckles, but sometimes taking on an overall ruby blush depending upon the light it receives. This begonia is the definition of true joy!
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Fannie Moser Begonia Plant Care and Growing Information

  • Mature Height: 24-36 inches
  • Mature Spread: 18-24 inches
  • Exposure: Partial Shade - Full Shade
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Soil Moisture: Moist
  • Soil Type: Widely Adaptable
  • Hardy in Zones 9-11
  • Type: Angel Wing

All of our 'Fannie Moser' Begonia Plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to plant.

Product Reviews
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Beautiful angel wing

"Beautiful angel wing"

sherry j on 5/5/2016 8:36:47 AM

Comment: Very happy with my Angel wing careful not to overwater or the leaves will fall off.



Donnetta D on 6/11/2015 8:27:29 AM

Comment: I was looking for these plants where I live in Maryland and no one had them. I found GARDEN HARVEST SUPPLY on line. Not only did they have what I was looking for, but it was also reasonably priced. I will definitely be using Garden Harvest Supply again.

Beautiful Begonia

"Beautiful Begonia"

CLAIRE E on 5/28/2014 7:52:17 PM

Comment: Fannie Moser is a beautiful begonia! I found Garden Harvest's website two years ago and they are my go-to site...always well packaged and plants arrive in beautiful shape.

fanny moser begonia

"fanny moser begonia"

David W on 4/19/2014 2:08:48 PM

Comment: A wonderfully vibrant plant that I received two days after ordering. All in all a wonderful and easy shopping experience.

Fannie Moser Begonia Plant

"Fannie Moser Begonia Plant"

Val on 11/3/2012 9:52:54 AM

Comment: I bought this begonia as a house plant. It came nicely packed and looks quite healthy.

Fannie Moser Begonia Plant

"Fannie Moser Begonia Plant"

Dennis M on 7/6/2012 9:08:23 PM

Comment: The 2 Fannie Moser Begonia Plants arrived very well packaged and they seemed to be ok. I got them in new potting soild right away and placed one outside on the patio with 3 green leafed begonia that are doing well. The other one, I put inside the house next to a large window. SADLY, neither plant survived. I can't say there was anything wrong with the plants themselves nor with the shipping. Nor can I explain why these 2 plants just didn't make it. I'm very sorry they didn't because I was so loo... More details

Fannie Moser

"Fannie Moser"

Karen C on 7/6/2012 11:47:15 AM

Comment: The begonia plant arrived in excellent condition! However, for some reason it did not survive the transplant. Great service from the company.

Outstanding Begonia

"Outstanding Begonia"

Thomas W on 7/3/2012 11:43:51 AM

Comment: The Fanny Moser begonia is beautifully marked and doing extremely well.

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