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Espoma Garden Lime—6.5-lb Bag

Espoma Garden Lime—6.5-lb Bag
Espoma Garden Lime—6.5-lb Bag
Safer to use than hydrated lime, Organic Traditions™ Garden Lime by Espoma is the finest grade of pelletized, dolomite limestone available. Lime raises the Ph of your soil by lowering the acidic properties, allowing your plants to absorb essential nutrients easier.
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Not sure if your soil needs Lime? Use our easy soil tester to be sure! Then apply Organic Traditions™ Garden Lime as needed. The fine pellets spread easily, react quickly and are not as hazardous as using the old-fashioned hydrated lime.

In the absence of soil test analysis, you can safely apply Garden Lime at the rate of 2-1/2 to 5-lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of soil. Simply work into the soil and water as needed.

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