Espoma Flower-tone

Espoma® Flower-tone® is the ultimate premium organic plant food for blooming plants. Lower in nitrogen, while containing higher levels of potassium and phosphorous, this all-natural, fertilizer will promote more prolific blooming, rather than encouraging heavy foliage production.

Also containing Bio-tone®, a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes designed to biologically enhance this all natural plant food, Flower-tone breaks down gradually throughout the growing season, providing long-lasting, slow-release nutrition when your blooming plants require it.

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Espoma Flower-tone 3-4-5—4-lb. bag

Price $9.40

Flower-tone® is formulated for both annuals and perennials. Using Flower-tone will result in superior, more vibrant, longer-lasting blooms on all of your flowering plants. It has a 3-4-5 analysis, aids in aeration of your soil and helps in moisture retention for substantial water savings. 4-lb bag.

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Espoma Flower-tone 3-4-5—20-lb. bag

Price $25.40

20 lb. bag of Espoma Flower-tone® 3-4-5.