Echinops Seeds

Echinops Flower Seeds yield interesting and striking blossoms on stems that start fuzzy, becoming pricklier as they mature. Also called Globe Thistle and sometimes Hedgehog Flower, the word Echinops is derived from the Greek for “looks like a hedgehog”!

Echinops, pronounced EK-in-ops, is a perennial that does well in just about any well-drained soil. Once established, it is drought and heat tolerant, readily reseeding itself for “forever” blossoms. This long-lived perennial has exhibited vigor for up to 10-years! Forming clumps, this ornamental flower never has a “down” time. From its first emergence and through the growth and seeding cycle, it presents a wonderful and interesting feature for your flowerbeds and cut flower arrangements. Depending upon the length of your growing season, Echinops may not bloom the first year, but is well worth waiting for when you see the second year’s blossoms arrive, right along with the bees, butterflies, and then the songbirds in the fall!

As always, perennial bloomers will benefit from regular feeding. A water-soluble fertilizer tends to work best, as it slowly releases the nutrients over a period of time. Echinops likes to eat, but prefers not to be overfed. We recommend Jungle Flora or Espoma Flower-tone®, at half the recommended feeding schedule and strength. Both are approved for organic gardening and are safe for your family, pets, livestock and water habitats, as well as being specially formulated for blooming plants.

Each order of our fresh Echinops seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

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Ritro Echinops Globe Thistle Seeds

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Our ‘Ritro’ Echinops Globe Thistle Seed produces true blue flowers that take on a metallic sheen as they age. Rising above the distinctly cut, downy-bottomed foliage, the flowers are thistle-like balls of intricate beauty. The stems are silvery looking and can become quite prickly as they mature, adding to the intense interest and texture Globe thistle will add to your flowerbeds, your cut fresh arrangements and your dried creations. Their coloration makes them ideal for your spring or summer masterpieces, fresh or dried! Approximately 50 seeds per each hand-filled packet.