Clematis Plants

The Clematis vine is a big favorite with gardeners due to the rich colors, varied bloom times, and Clematis’ great climbing ability. (There are only two species that don’t climb.) On the whole, this genus is not typically very fragrant, but as the vines produce masses of blossoms, the air around them can be quite aromatic. They are a butterfly favorite, but are shunned by deer.

Clematis (pronounced kleh-MAT-tis) goes by a number of names, most of which are popular in England. The most common names for Clematis in North America are leather flower, vase vine and virgin’s bower. Clematis plants bear both single and double blooms, with many varieties producing flowers as big as your hand! Clematis are also very long-lived, so make sure to plant where you will be happy with them year after year; some Clematis vines have been growing and blooming in excess of 80 years! The rule of green thumbs when planting Clematis is: ‘Their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun.'  Clematis should be mulched well, especially in colder climates, either with mulch or compost, and it will benefit greatly from being fed monthly with a complete organic fertilizer.

All of our Clematis Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule.

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Amethyst Beauty Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Amethyst Beauty™' Clematis plant is another fantastic cultivar from Raymond J. Evison. Not only are the blossoms ridiculously large, averaging 6 inches across, they mature from lovely light purple to incredibly rich lavender-blue. Extremely floriferous, Amethyst Beauty will have a selection of blossoms in the complete spectrum of its color throughout the entire season, the subtle color differences creating a display guaranteed to elicit “ooohs” and “aaahs”. Yes, Mr. Evison, that talented Clematarian, may have outdone himself on this one! Each 3-inch pot contains one Amethyst Beauty Clematis Plant.

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Belle of Woking Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Belle of Working' Clematis Plant produces double and semi-double silvery-mauve blossoms that are 4 to 6 inches across. Discovered in England in 1875, 'Belle of Working' is well-suited to either containers or landscape planting. Plenty of shade will keep these flowers the emergent mauve color, while more sun will age them to silvery-lavender-blue. The blossoms of this variety have been compared to antique roses. Each 3-inch pot contains one Belle of Working Clematis Plant.

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Chantilly Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

Our 'Chantilly™' Clematis plant may be the most fragrant clematis yet. Yielding slightly ruffled, white blossoms barely touched with healthy, blush-worthy pink; these blossoms release a remarkably appealing essence as they age. Additionally, you will find Chantilly to be a bit more demure in height and breadth, this compact cultivar suited for both containers and in-ground applications. A Group 2 clematis, look for this one to bloom on old wood; only cut back 6 to 8 inches in very early spring, right above the point where each stem branches, leaving the two tiny buds in place. Wherever you plant it, the reddish-brown and light spring-green frilled center will draw your attention, while the ever-pleasant fragrance may have you burying your nose in them! Each 3-inch pot contains one Chantilly Clematis Plant.

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Crystal Fountain Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Crystal Fountain™' Clematis Plant is one of the more unusual hybrids of Clematis. The first petals are an wide, oval, leaf-like shape with sharply pointed tips that are a remarkable shade of deep, periwinkle blue. The inner petals are just slightly lighter, but are profusely growing, wispy and slender, mimicking the fountain-like bursts of fireworks or an exceptionally pretty water fountain. These incredible blossoms are 4-5-inches across, start blooming in June and repeat bloom through September. 'Crystal Fountain's' compact habit makes it ideal for containers, trellis training or even weaving in and amongst small shrubs. You just have to see this one! Each 3-inch pot contains one Crystal Fountain Clematis Plant.

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Diamond Ball Clematis Plant

Price $14.80

Our 'Diamond Ball' Clematis Plant is a Polish-raised, tidy cultivar ideal for potted applications, as well as for the garden. Attaching itself by way of twining leaf petioles, the icy-blue, double blossoms of this Clematis will cover the entire plant in early summer and will bloom through August. This compact, well-behaved climbing vine blooms on both old wood and new, needing only a light pruning in February or March. Winning awards from Holland to Russia, this is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® selection and well-deserving of the attention it’s receiving. Each 4-inch pot contains one Diamond Ball Clematis Plant.

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Diamantina Clematis Plant

Price $13.70

Our ‘Diamantina™’ Clematis bears a fully double blossom, measuring up to 6 inches across. The darkly-lilac flowers each possess a pastel pom-pom center, which sometimes materializes impossibly striped! This sport of Crystal Fountain first made its appearance at the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show, sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society, a non-profit in the UK dedicated to sharing the best in gardening. Considered a somewhat compact climber in the clematis world, this lovely specimen won’t grow quite as tall and wide when planted in a complementary container. Each 3-inch pot contains one Diamantina Clematis plant.

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Diana's Delight Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Diana’s Delight' Clematis plant was, in fact, named after Lady Diana; she was named after Lady Diana Rowland, the wife of the Bailiff of Guernsey. With very unusual coloring, an eye-catching combination of light and dark blend on 6 to 7 inch blossoms for a striking, frosted appearance, at the center of which is the frilly center of creamy white anthers tipped with rose-gold. First introduced in 2009, Diana’s Delight is just one more wonderful creation from world-renowned Clematis breeder, Raymond J. Evison. Everyone who sees her, loves her! Each 3-inch pot contains one Diana's Delight Clematis Plant.

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Empress Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Empress™' Clematis Plant bears brilliantly pink flowers with a darker pink, radiating band along the midrib. Barely ruffled and barely overlapping, the outer petals can measure up to 6 inches across, while the inner petals resemble a hairy pompom and flaunt various shades of palest green, pale pink and creamy white as the flower ages. Brighten up a fence-row or add color to a non-flowering tree or hedge by allowing Empress to weave throughout the foliage. Each 3- inch pot contains one Empress ClematisPlant.

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Fleuri Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Fleuri™' Clematis plant is a hybridized cross between Clematis ‘Evipo042’ and Clematis hybrid ‘Boulevard Fleuri’, and is one of the most strikingly beautiful clematis vines you will find. Featured in Raymond Evison’s 2009 Chelsea Flower Show exhibit, this compact, deciduous perennial is a dwarf cultivar suitable for containers, though perfectly happy in the ground. Having 6 petalled, vivid purple blossoms with neon-bright, reddish-purple color along the midribs, the creamy pink, spiky flower center is the perfect accent. Each 3-inch pot contains one Fleuri Clematis Plant.

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Happy Jack Purple Clematis Plant

Price $13.96

Our ‘Happy Jack™ Purple’ Clematis is new for 2015 and is a Proven Winners®, ColorChoice®. Proven Winners, prior to awarding such an accolade, trials each plant in gardens around the world, only choosing the best of the best to bear its name. The Happy Jack clematis vine bears 5 inch, plummy-purple blossoms with slightly lighter midribs and golden yellow, fringy stamens. These blossoms last and last, on the vine and on the table in a vase or water bowl. Each 3-inch pot contains one Happy Jack Purple Clematis plant.

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Jackmanii Clematis Plant

Price $12.09

The 'Jackmanii' Clematis Plant was first cultivated by George Jackman of England in 1858. One of the more popular Clematis, Jackmanii is known for its profuse blooming habit as well as its long bloom season. The 4 to 7 inch blossoms emerge a wonderful rich purple, and then depending upon the amount of sunlight, may fade to a still delightful, bluish purple as the season progresses. Jackmanii is a more shade-tolerant variety, keeping the richer purple color throughout the season when planted in partial shade. It will definitely brighten up a shaded front entryway or enhance a shaded deck area. Each 3-inch pot contains one Jackmanii ClematisPlant.

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Josephine Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Josephine™' Clematis Plant is a relative new-comer to the Clematis market and is the result of an accidental discovery in the 1980s. Sometimes called ‘Evijohill’, after Josephine Hill who discovered it and Raymond Evison who developed it for sale and introduced it in 1998, 'Josephine' is a double-flowered variety that marches to its own beat. The outer petals, usually numbering eight and quite large, emerge green if blooming in the shade and mauvy-pink or lilac when blooming in the sun. They will also often remain curled for days until touched by the sun’s light. The inner flower then appears and is made up of multiple layers of slender, pointed, frilly petals and varies in color from dark to light pink depending upon the amount of light and time of year. Finally, a pompom appears in the center in hues of greenish-pink to cream. Then, amazingly, one by one, the outer petals and then the inner petals fade and fall off, leaving the pompom in all its glory, that then continues to open wide and remain vital for an extended time. It is almost magical and almost impossible to describe adequately! Each 3-inch pot contains one Josephine Clematis Plant.

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Miss Bateman Clematis Plant

Price $12.09

The 'Miss Bateman' Clematis Plant dates back to 1869. The two parent plants were first discovered in Tokyo in the early 1860s and sent to Surrey, England, to Charles Noble’s and John Standish’s nursery where they were hybridized to become the charming Miss Bateman. Bearing prolific 4 to 6 inch blossoms, they first appear white with a pastel green bar following the midrib and then fade to almost pure white with barely a hint of a pale pink blush. The eye and circle of wine-red anthers are a stark contrast and a striking centerpiece to this Clematis. Each 3-inch pot contains one Miss Bateman Clematis Plant.

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Moonfleet Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

Our ‘Moonfleet™’ Clematis plant produces some of the largest flowers you will find on a clematis vine, often spanning more than 7 inches. First emerging richly lilac with more than a hint of blue, these stunning, barely ruffled blossoms will mature to light blue and will be adorned with a burgundy-red dome of anthers, each strand lightening to lavender at the very tip. Moonfleet is a Group 3 Clematis, meaning it will bloom on the new season’s growth; prune it back to about 3 feet in February or March, ensuring you leave one pair of strong buds on each stem…and then watch Moonfleet shine! Each 3-inch pot contains one Moonfleet Clematis Plant.

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Niobe Clematis Plant

Price $12.09

The 'Niobe' Clematis Plant is, by far, one of the most popular red varieties of Clematis and was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Merit. Velvety, deep, ruby-red petals bearing almost black midribs mature to a deep, wine-red with age. Its blossoms are single, slightly overlapping and 6 inches in diameter. The small cluster of ivory anthers only serves to enhance the tremendous red color of Niobe. The blossoms from this variety look simply stunning when floated in a decorative, transparent bowl. Each 3-inch pot contains one Niobe Clematis Plant.

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Rosemoor Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Rosemoor™' Clematis Plant hails from the Isle of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy, and was bred by renowned breeder Raymond Evison. The 5 to 6 inch flowers of this Clematis bloom on both old and new wood, which means it flowers almost continuously from May to October. The deeply-hued, reddish-purple flowers first appear with tightly curled petals and then open completely with slightly overlapping petals that tend to arch gracefully backwards. The anthers and stamens are purple with creamy yellow tips. Bred for strength, its long flowering habit and for disease resistance, this Clematis is already getting rave reviews and is expected to become a widely-grown favorite. Each 3-inch pot contains one Rosemoor Clematis Plant.

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Sapphire Indigo Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

Our 'Sapphire Indigo™' Clematis plant is considered a 'dwarf' variety, though its purple (almost black) on purple coloration is BIG on grabbing attention! No pruning is needed for this compact, oh-so-charming cultivar which is not only able to climb, but which is perfectly at home ambling in and amongst taller, sturdier plants…on the ground. When grown as a ground cover, the masses of blossoms will provide shaded roots, the ideal growing situation for clematis, and this little one is great at choking out weeds! Sapphire Indigo is well-suited to container growth as well, its compact nature rarely reaching more than three feet high and wide when confined to a decorative pot, even if you don’t provide climbing support. When you plant Sapphire Indigo to climb, be sure to keep the roots shaded while ensuring its royally colored blossoms get the full benefit of the sun! Each 3-inch pot contains one Sapphire Indigo Clematis Plant.

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Still Waters Clematis Plant

Price $13.96

Our ‘Still Waters™’ Clematis is also a Proven Winners®, ColorChoice® and a new introduction for 2015. To achieve this lofty status, this Clematis was trialed in gardens across the globe and proven to have gorgeous color and outstanding vigor. Additionally, Still Waters’ blossoms remain open on the vine for an extended period and last just as long when cut. Its 4-inch blossoms are so imperceptibly lilac, they appear almost white, its darker lilac ruffles and midribs showing off to perfection its fringed, burgundy hued center. Each 3-inch pot contains one Still Waters Clematis plant.

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Sweet Autumn Clematis Plant

Price $10.07

The 'Sweet Autumn' Clematis Plant produces masses and masses of small, 1 inch, star-shaped white flowers with an aromatic, light vanilla scent. Easily growing to 20 feet in its first season, it will quickly cover an unsightly chain link fence or grow up and over an arbor frame. Cutting the stems back to 12 inches in the spring will allow you to keep its growth in check; however, letting it run free will result in the most amazing growth! The pure white, elongated, somewhat sedate base petals support the more playful, slender masses of tiny petals that surround the greenish-yellow stamens. When in full bloom, 'Sweet Autumn' is absolutely stunning! In the late fall, fluffy, plumy, silvery seed heads decorate the vine. Each 3-inch pot contains one Sweet Autumn Clematis Plant.

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Sweet Summer Love Clematis Plant

Price $14.80

The 'Sweet Summer Love' Clematis plant can produce more than 2000 tiny, star-shaped blossoms in a single growing season, this newest cultivar being fabulously fragrant, free-flowering and incredibly easy to grow. A Proven Winners® and Color Choice® variety, this queen of the flowering vines will easily cover a 12 foot structure in multi-hued splendor. Each blossom exhibits multiple colors, from lush, deep rose to royal purple, and then is decorated with that signature, frilly white star at its center. We’re pretty sure you’ll find Sweet Summer Love irresistible! Each 4- inch pot contains one Sweet Summer Love Clematis Plant.

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Kilian Donahue Clematis Plant

Price $13.74

The 'Kilian Donahue' Clematis Plant is an early bloomer, first displaying a ruby-red center that fades out to a radiant fuchsia midrib with the surrounding petal being orchid-purple. This Clematis variety produces 4 to 5 inch blooms on both old and new growth at the same time and due to the slightly varied color differences, often appears as if two different species are growing at once, and intertwined. 'Kilian Donahue' is a fantastic re-bloomer! Each 3-inch pot contains one Kilian Donahue Clematis Plant. Sold Out for the Season