Clark's Tree Wrap

Clark’s Tree Wrap provides an easy to use, attractive solution for protecting young or newly planted trees. This bio-degradable and weather resistant tree trunk wrap is stretchy, allowing conformation to uneven bark surfaces and enabling trunk growth without constriction. Simply wrap Clark’s Tree Wrap, overlapping as you go, covering the trunk between the soil and the lowest branch, securing it where necessary with staples or tape. (Do not staple directly into the tree) 1 - 3” X 50’ roll. More details...
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Clark's Tree Wrap
Clark's Tree Wrap
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Clark’s Tree Wrap

Clark’s Tree Wrap is bio-degradable and weather resistant, with a patented wax coating over 100-weight, top-quality, creped Kraft paper, providing:

  • An attractive, professional-looking finishing touch
  • Protection for young or newly planted trees
  • Protection against sunscald, severe frost, windburn, rodents and deer.
  • Protection against unintentional damage from lawn implements, trimmers etc.
  • Protection during transplant and/or transportation


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