Fall Strawberry Plants

Our fall strawberry plants will be shipped to you in 2-inch pots with a healthy root system in place and will bear large, juicy strawberries the following spring and summer with just a little bit of care.

Strawberries are sun-lovers, so plant them where they will have the maximum exposure in the spring and summer. Growing best in evenly moist but well-drained soil, also plant them where you will be able to provide adequate water, a must when the plants are becoming established and during the critical early fall months when the plants are setting their buds for next year’s strawberries. In cold climates, where freezing temperatures with little insulating snow cover is common, we recommend you cut or mow your strawberry plants back after the first frost and then apply a few inches of straw to insulate the plants and keep them from "heaving” with the cold temperatures. Simply remove the straw or rake it in between the plants when you start to see new growth on your strawberry plants. Fall berry plants can also be planted through plastic mulch, another way to control weeds and retain moisture, though straw should still be applied to prevent heaving.

For a space-saving and highly attractive strawberry patch, take a look at our Pyramid Space Saver planting system, complete with its own sprinkler. We also have a couple of articles, Strawberry Growing Tips and How Many People Will a Strawberry Plant Feed? to guide you in your endeavor.

Fall Strawberry plants start shipping the last week of August.

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Chandler Strawberry Plant—25 Plants

Price $24.95

The June-bearing Chandler Strawberry plant produces medium to large, beautifully wedge-shaped juicy fruit with exceptional flavor. It may produce earlier in warmer climates, is mildly salt tolerant and under the optimal growing conditions will produce about 1-quart per bush over a 3 to 4-week period. Our Chandler Strawberry is a favorite due to its high yield. You are ordering 25 potted plants. Chandler plants start shipping the last week of August

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Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plant—25 Plants

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Aptly named, the Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plant produces sugar-sweet, large, vivid red fruit almost impossible to resist munching on when harvesting. A June-bearer, Sweet Charlie will yield vigorously during a 2 to 3-week period. This mildly salt-tolerant variety is one of the top strawberries grown due to its high yields and natural resistance to disease. You are ordering 25 potted plants. Sweet Charlie plants start shipping the last week of August