Fall Strawberry Plants

Fall Potted Strawberry Plants for Sale

Our fall strawberry plants will be shipped to you in 2-inch pots with a healthy root system established, and they'll bear large, juicy strawberries the following spring and summer. The biggest advantage to our fall strawberries is that they arrive ready to plant--and then berries are ready for picking the following spring, vs. spring-planted berries that take a full year to produce a harvest.

Strawberries are sun lovers. They grow best in evenly moist but well-drained soil. Plant them where you will be able to provide adequate water, a must when the plants are becoming established and during the critical early fall months when the plants are setting their buds for next year's strawberries.

For a space-saving and highly attractive strawberry patch, take a look at our Pyramid Space Saver planting system, complete with its own sprinkler. We also have a couple of articles, Strawberry Growing Tips and How Many People Will a Strawberry Plant Feed? to help you succeed in your endeavor.

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Chandler Strawberry Plant—25 Plants

Price $24.95

The June-bearing Chandler Strawberry plant produces medium to large, beautifully wedge-shaped juicy fruit with exceptional flavor. It may produce earlier in warmer climates, is mildly salt tolerant and under the optimal growing conditions will produce about 1-quart per bush over a 3 to 4-week period. Our Chandler Strawberry is a favorite due to its high yield. You are ordering 25 potted plants. Available to pre-order June 2016 for fall shipping

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Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plant—25 Plants

Price $24.95

Aptly named, the Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plant produces sugar-sweet, large, vivid red fruit almost impossible to resist munching on when harvesting. A June-bearer, Sweet Charlie will yield vigorously during a 2 to 3-week period. This mildly salt-tolerant variety is one of the top strawberries grown due to its high yields and natural resistance to disease. You are ordering 25 potted plants. Available to pre-order June 2016 for fall shipping