Asparagus Fern Seeds

Asparagus Fern Flower Seeds produce plants directly related to asparagus, as well as to onions, garlic and lilies, though it is not at all edible; in fact it is toxic if ingested.

Asparagus Fern, pronounced just as you do the vegetable, is grown for its ornamental foliage, is extremely easy to grow and is adaptable to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. Thriving in full sunlight, this versatile fern will also adapt well to very low light situations, even when grown indoors, though the amount of light it receives directly affects the rate of its growth. Ideally, keep the soil lightly moist, but know that mature plants have been known to thrive on neglect and will tolerate dry soil. Overly wet plants, on the other hand, will yield yellow or brown leaves, a clear indication you should adjust your watering schedule. Remove the ruined foliage; it will not recover. Though the bulbous roots do a fantastic job of storing nutrients, a monthly feeding with an all-purpose fertilizer will keep your Asparagus Fern at its healthiest.

Each order of our fresh Asparagus Fern seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

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Myer Asparagus Fern Seeds

Price $6.50

Our ‘Myer’ Asparagus Fern Seeds produce the unique and interesting plant also known as Foxtail, Myers Fern, or Foxtail Myers Fern. Featuring a grouping of strong, mostly upright, central stems with sprays of side stems lushly displaying oodles of very tiny, medium to dark green, tiny needles, it is easy to see how it got the name Foxtail. This asparagus fern will last 6 to 10 days after cutting in fresh arrangements and will add tremendous structural design and visual interest to shaded containers and beds. Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.

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Sprengeri Asparagus Fern Seeds

Price $2.93

Our ‘Sprengeri’ Asparagus Fern Seeds produces one of the most popular and widely known asparagus ferns. Having a tidy nature, this evergreen tender perennial has a mounding and trailing habit as do most ferns, though it is actually not a fern at all, producing seeds rather than spores. Unlike most ferns, Sprengeri, also shortened to Sprenger, is more likely to produce white flowers in the summer, followed by bright red berries. Though it thrives in full sun, Sprenger is likely to turn yellowy green with full exposure, retaining its best, darker and richer color when planted where at least partially shaded. Plant as a tall, permanent background or in hanging containers, indoors or out. Approximately 25 seeds per each hand-filled packet.

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Plumosus Nanus Asparagus Fern Seeds

Price $6.38

Our ‘Plumosus Nanus’ Asparagus Fern Seeds will produce a tender perennial that looks like it would faint at the first sign of cold weather. Widely grown as a house plant, this Asparagus Fern is also known as Plumosa Fern, and displays vigorous growth and elegant, fluffy, feathery, rich green foliage. Considered a “climber”, most gardeners will plant Plumosus Nanos where she can cascade, as most ferns will do. This tender perennial plant may produce small berries upon its gracefully spreading branches and does not require humidity to thrive. Approximately 20 seeds per each hand-filled packet.