Anemone Seeds

Our Anemone Flower Seeds are also called Japanese Anemone and are named in favor of the Greek word for Wind Flower. Its legendary history indicates that the same wind that blows the poppy-like petals open is the same wind that will blow the petals away once the blossoms fade. Its name has nothing to do with the “anemone-like” stamens and anthers that grace the center of each perfect bloom.

Anemone, pronounced uh-NEM-oh-nee, is a perennial, is widely adaptable and can be grown just about anywhere; though under the most ideal growing conditions it can, in fact, be somewhat invasive. Naturalizing large areas is popular with the windflower, but if you want them contained, consider planting them in a bottomless container to control the root growth and spreading. Once established, just water as needed and cut the old foliage back to the ground prior to new growth starting. The best performance is guaranteed with regular feedings of Jungle Flora or Espoma Flower-tone®, both of which are organically rich and formulated for blooming plants.

Each order of our fresh Anamone seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

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Pink Saucer Anemone Seeds

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Our ‘Pink Saucer’ Anemone Seeds produce a perennial plant that provides late summer and fall color in your garden. Often planted as a companion to roses, spreading to form patches, the Japanese Anemone is also called the Windflower and prefers a moist site, features large, ideal-for-cutting blossoms and is deer and rabbit resistant. The medium-sized, glorious pink blossoms emerge from darkly-colored, round bead-like buds to open with overlapping, lightly ruffled petals graced by a bright yellow, frilly-looking ‘anemone’ at their centers. Cut these, along with your roses, for stunning fresh flower displays. Approximately 25 seeds per each hand-filled packet.