Ajuga Plants

The Ajuga Plant is the garden's jack of all trades. It is a semi-evergreen, creeping perennial that does well in shade or sun, in dry or moist soils. The only place it doesn't perform well is in wet soil. Its short stature and slow spread make it the perfect border plant for beds or walkways. The Ajuga plant is ideal for erosion control and ground cover.

Ajuga, pronounced ah-JEW-gah, also commonly called Bugleweed, produces spikes of flowers in late spring. It is drought tolerant, deer resistant, and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Bugleweed plants should be thinned out every 2 to 3 years to improve air circulation, avoid overcrowding and keep the bed alive and well. Read our How to Grow Ajuga Plants guide for detailed growing instructions.

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Catlinís Giant Ajuga Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Catlin's Giant' Ajuga Plant provides dense, rapidly spreading ground cover that features large, bronze-green foliage. Catlin's Giant Bugleweed performs best with morning sun and features impressive 12 inch spikes of blue-purple flowers. Catlin's Giant Ajuga is twice the size of other ajuga plants. Each 3-inch pot contains one Catlin's Giant Ajuga plant.

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Black Scallop Ajuga Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Black Scallop' Ajuga Plant is one of the most striking Bugleweed plants. Gardeners love its glossy deep burgundy, almost black, foliage that is gorgeously scalloped, adding even more interest. Use this unique plant to add color and accent to a garden with white, gold, or other lightly-colored plants. The Black Scallop Bugleweed produces deep blue flower spikes. Each 3-inch pot contains one Black Scallop Ajuga plant. Mark Your Calendar-Available to PreOrder in December.

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Chocolate Chip Ajuga Plant

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The 'Chocolate Chip' Ajuga Plant has fast-growing foliage which forms an attractive, low-growing ground cover. This particular Bugleweed is not as aggressively growing as many other ajuga varieties. Chocolate Chip features 3 inch flower spikes and does very well in shady areas, even where grass is difficult to grow. Each 3-inch pot contains one Chocolate Chip Ajuga plant. Mark Your Calendar-Available to PreOrder in December.

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Golden Glow Ajuga Plant

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The 'Golden Glow' Ajuga Plant displays out of the ordinary patterns in its leaves. Medium green centers branch out in various patterns to a golden edge, sometimes fading to honeyed-cream that never seems to match another single leaf. The result is a delightful variegated carpet of Bugleweed in green, honey and creamy gold, topped with diminutive blue flowers in late spring. Mark Your Calendar-Available to PreOrder in December

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Mahogany Ajuga Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Mahogany' Ajuga Plant features 4 to 6 inch flower spikes with lovely bright blue flowers. This Bugleweed is excellent for use in borders and mixed containers, as well as in sun-dappled or shady area where grass and other plants refuse to grow. The Mahogany Ajuga tolerates clay soils well. Each 3-inch pot contains one Mahogany Ajuga plant. Mark Your Calendar-Available to PreOrder in December.