Achillea Plants

Achillea Plants produce clusters of tiny flowers that  attract hummingbirds and butterflies. This perennial flower also produces seed that appeals to many different birds.

Achillea, pronounced ak-ill-EE-uh, is also commonly called Yarrow and has a sprawling habit that is easily controlled by pruning.  Cutting back the spent flowers of yarrow plants will encourage a fall re-bloom. These plants thrive in locations sheltered from strong winds. Achillea is drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Yarrow plants should only be watered in the mornings. Dividing every 4 years (in early fall) will produce the best results. For complete care, read How to Grow Achillea Plants.

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Moonshine Achillea Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Moonshine' Achillea Plant is an upright, clump-forming, compact hybrid Yarrow with aromatic, fern-like, silvery green foliage and tiny, long-lasting, cheerful lemon-yellow flowers. Moderately salt-tolerant, even our coastal gardeners can enjoy this gorgeous color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Moonshine Achillea plant.

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Paprika Achillea Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Paprika' Achillea Plant is noted for its aromatic, feathery, medium-green foliage and tiny, long-lasting, paprika-red flowers with contrasting yellow centers. The foliage of this Yarrow has a distinct, somewhat spicy fragrance—both when fresh or dried. You should smell it growing near the beach where its salt-tolerant nature allows the salty air to combine with the already spicy fragrance, making it fantastically unique. Each 3-inch pot contains one Paprika Achillea plant.

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Summer Pastels Achillea Plant

Price $5.20

The 'Summer Pastels' Achillea is a compact, free-flowering Yarrow that is compact, carefree and features summer’s best colors: pink, lavender, purple, white, apricot, cream and rose. Misty cushions of pretty pastel blossoms will beautify your garden; coastal gardeners are loving the pastel colors of this salt-tolerant achillea millifolium. The ferny foliage is the perfect backdrop for these summery clouds of color! Each 3-inch pot contains one Summer Pastels Achillea plant.