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Yukon Gold Potatoes

Our Yukon Gold seed potatoes produce upright,compact plants yielding a highly-palatable, buff-colored thin skin, surrounding naturally butter-flavored and colored flesh. Yukon Gold potato plants don't tend to spread much; the blossom buds are light spring-green to purplish green, opening to yellow-green stars at the bloom base, shading to shades of pink near the petal tips, a quite unusually attractive potato blossom.

Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes for Sale

Our customers rave about these medium to high yielding plants and claim these 'taters make the best tasting potato salad ever!

The Yukon Gold seed potato matures in 70-90 days.

  • Plant in full sun, though Yukon Gold will tolerate partial shade part of the day.
  • Plant 9-12" apart.
  • Slightly resistant to hollow heart.
  • Resistant to mosaic virus.
  • Ideal for smaller garden plots.

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