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White Yam Sweet Potato Plant, 12 Plants

White Yam Sweet Potato Plant, 12 Plants
White Yam Sweet Potato Plant, 12 Plants
The White Yam Sweet Potato Plant produces tubers that are as white as cotton inside and out, and as sweet as sugar. It is America's oldest and driest potato. It matures in 110 days and grows well in both Northern and Southern gardens. Each order contains 12 White Yam sweet potato plants.
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White Yam Sweet Potato Plant Care and Growing Information

The Sweet Potato 'White Yam' is sometimes called the Triumph, Southern Queen, Poplar Root, Choker, and White Bunch. It is our most unusual variety.

  • Plant Spacing: 12-18 inches
  • Row Spacing: 3 feet
  • Sunlight required: Approximately 6 hours
  • Days till Harvest: 110 days
  • Shipped as Bare Rooted Plant
  • Ideal pH Level 4.5-7.0
In order to grow the healthiest, best tasting sweet potatoes, we recommend following the growing and harvesting instructions as outlined in our blog article How to Grow Sweet Potatoes.


Buy with confidence, all of our 'White Yam' Sweet Potato Plants are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to plant.

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