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Watering Products

Watering your plants doesn't have to be a chore. Whether you're giving a daily drink to thirsty hanging planters, sprinkling your lawn or irrigating a garden during dry spells, we have the answers to all your watering needs. Spend less time, waste less water, and increase the efficiency of your watering with these top-rated, well-designed tools.

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The Pulse™ Plastic Pulsating Sprinkler on In-Series "H" Base is a durable pulse-type sprinkler that features 65% better water distribution than other pulsating sprinklers on the market today. Ray Padula is the first in his industry to release a precision-engineered, controlled rotation, plastic pulsating sprinkler line. The no-tip “H” base has a patent pending, as well as the grooved deflector, which creates a consistent, substantial, robust shower of water that is virtually wind-resistant. This sprinkler is perfect for watering medium to large-sized areas. The Pulse is far and away one of the best pulsating sprinklers on the market.
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Do you often wish that you could have four hoses from one faucet? You are not alone—many people have the need to run two or more sprinklers at once or only have one outside faucet and would like to have hoses run to both the front and back yards simultaneously. The Split It! Faucet Splitter easily converts one faucet into four. You can run all outlets at the same time, or you can switch each outlet on and off independently. The Split It! also comes with a Five Year Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy, unsurpassed in the industry.
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The Ray Padula Supreme Ergonomical Pistol Nozzle is unlike any other that you have experienced. Industrially strong and ergonomically designed, hand fatigue will be a thing of the past when using this sprayer. It has a patented, insulated rubber coating that protects your hands from temperature extremes, while providing a comfortable grip.
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The Ray Padula Advanced Functionality Pistol Nozzle gives a whole new meaning to the word nozzle! Imagine a water nozzle with nothing to squeeze, no trigger and no pins to adjust. It doesn’t get any better than this! This nozzle combines flow control and on/off operation into one single thumb control that takes the hassle out of watering. Add the unique quality of Ray Padula products and this is the nozzle to beat all.
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The Ray Padula Twist It™ Nozzle is made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that was given to that old brass hose nozzle that is still being used by your parents and grandparents. The solid brass construction is GUARANTEED, by the manufacturer, “to last as long as you own your home.” The Twist It Nozzle is a natural extension for your hose, adjusting effortlessly from a fine mist to a powerful stream. This is the perfect hose-end accessory for filling our Wall O’ Water products.
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