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Wall O’ Water, 3 Pack

Wall O’ Water, 3 Pack
Wall O’ Water, 3 Pack
The original Wall O’ Water is still the best way to plant earlier and harvest longer. You can plant 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost! It works well for most fruits and vegetables, but particularly well for tomatoes and peppers. This is a 3 pack.
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Wall O Water Plant Protectors and Season Extenders

Wall O' Water plant protectors will keep your plants growing with temps down to 16°F.

Gardeners may be concerned that it is too cold at night if you plant 2 months before the last frost—but cold is good. You want it to freeze, as that is what makes the Plant Protector work. When the water in the Plant Protector freezes at night, it gives off 1.8 million calories of heat—half of which stays inside and keeps the plant warm.

How to use the Wall O Water Plant Protector:

  • Use an empty 5-gallon bucket as a frame to set up the empty Plant Protector, and then simply fill the tubes with water.
  • Only fill each tube two-thirds full. Then remove the bucket, and the Plant Protector will form a cone shape
  • After transplanting, leave the Plant Protector in the cone configuration as long as possible. Once you open it all the way, heat will escape—and your plant wants the heat, so it's best to keep it closed.
  • Don't expect a lot of top growth initially. The roots will develop first to provide a solid foundation for the plant.
  • After a while, your plant will grow and start pushing the Wall O Waters open at the top. At this time, finish filling each tube with water. The plant itself will now trap the heat inside. At no time do you need to worry about overheating. When the outside temperatures get too hot, the Plant Protector will help cool the plant.
  • After the tubes have been filled with water, you may leave the Plant Protector on the plant until your harvest is complete, or you can remove it when the temps stay warm.
  • Each Wall O Water is 18-inches tall and has an 18-inch diameter.
Product Reviews
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Love them!

"Love them!"

Beverly D. on 2/5/2015 8:54:58 AM

Comment: The Walls O' Water are easy to fill from the hose or with a watering can. During the winter, I filled 2 bags half full so that they fell in at the top making a cozy greenhouse for early crops. As such, I have lettuce and swiss chard now the size of my thumb and it is early February! I ordered more!

Wall O' Water

"Wall O' Water"

Beverly D. on 1/23/2015 2:47:05 PM

Comment: 6 WOWs arrived two weeks ago and I started using 2 of them immediately in Mississippi and this is January. Already I see lettuce and swiss chard germinating. This week I ordered 6 more to prolong the already extensive growing season.

Wall O'Water 3 pack

"Wall O'Water 3 pack"

Eugene D on 7/5/2012 7:00:25 AM

Comment: Well made tough cones. A must to get an early jump on the short gardening season in the NorthEast

Works in a blizzard!

"Works in a blizzard!"

Allen Jackson on 2/9/2012 10:46:48 AM

Comment: Used Wall-O-Water Tepees to take tomatoes that had blossoms on them through the blizzard of '93! Eight inches of snow on the ground and no damage to the tomatoes in the tepees. Great product!