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WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears, Model HSB

WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears, Model HSB
WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears, Model HSB
Get your shrubs into shape with WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears; the new generation of hedge shears. The Comfort Shears is half the size of a traditional shears, but with all the benefits. It is ideal for trimming shrubs, box plants, and topiaries. It’s easy to see why the WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears should be your next and last shears purchase.
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WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears

Overall length 16", Handle length 8.5", Blade length 6.5" 

One of the keys to success when trimming shrubs is the shape of the blade. The curved blades of the WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears guarantee a uniform, optimized cutting angle; cutting always takes place near the pivot - the best position for a powerful cut.

The WOLF-Garten Comfort Shears has a precision adjustable tension control and nonstick coated blades which resist rust and etching from moisture and sap. Even after thousands of cuts they will continue to prove themselves to be of the highest quality and reliability.

WOLF-Garten is quality you can count on. Each tool is designed and tested by professional and hobby gardeners alike, all so they can produce a tool that will be in your family for years to come.

Take a look and see why WOLF-Garten garden tools will soon be the number one tool in America.

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